EZ Symbolism: Family Guy [New Series]

I thought, instead of focusing only on big projects like Disney Tricks, why don’t I just make short videos of all the material I’ve come across? Yeah, so, that’s where this comes in. I have quite a bit of stuff I want to use for this series, which explains the lack of updates to this blog. I’d rather make videos out of it than put it here. These videos won’t take months to make, either.

Thanks for watching!


Disney Tricks: Chapter 2 [Preview]

After Part 4 is uploaded, I will start uploading parts to Chapter II, which will be strictly about Illuminati Symbolism. There will be some other stuff in it, but it’s all related to the Illuminati’s influence on Disney.

In these previews, I’ll be sharing with you some of the symbolism that will be shown. This preview is about the Phineas & Ferb: Across the Second Dimension movie. The movie goes like this: Phineas & Ferb build something that takes them to an alternate dimension, and in this dimension The Evil Guy (Doofenshmirtz) rules over the Tri-State area. In the show, he’s always trying to do this, but in this alternate universe, he’s finally done it.

I don’t want to show too much, but here are a few things I’ve seen.

Both of their Left Eyes are emphasized

The whole city is decked out like the Illuminati would love the world to be



Conveniently, Baphomet lies in his “As above, So below” position

It should also be noted that Phineas’ head looks… awfully familiar…

lol, clever

There’s quite a bit more in that movie, but it’s more fun to see in video form! I’ll be showing some more previews in the near future.

Disney’s China McClain – The 3 Stages

This is China Anne McClain, Disney’s newest Starlet. It didn’t take them long to give her a video rife with symbolism. Let’s have a look shall we?

You probably noticed the obvious things yourself, but there’s an underlying meaning behind it, which is reminiscent of Selena Gomez’s “Naturally” video. (Analysis in The Entertainer’s Message Part 1 – but in Disney Tricks Part 4 I will be analyzing it a lot clearer).

First, let’s go over the obvious.

China dancing on the Masonic Floor

Look behind her…

Very clever

Let’s look at this video in a different perspective. Like Selena Gomez, China has to go through ‘Stages’ in order to become successful. This video has similar imagery to Gomez’s “Naturally”, which I will be using as example. At the beginning, China is auditioning for her Ant Farm Budz.

This is the first stage of the three

Note the Stomach Holding

Selena Gomez in Stage 1 – Stomach Holding

In Naturally, before Selena holds her stomach, she goes through a rather… disgusting moment, which involves a Pyramid going inside her (complete with blinking eyeball at top). I’ll go further into that in Part 4 of Disney Tricks.

China: Stage 2 / Dancing on the Masonic Floor

Looks like she’s on her way to passing the initiation ceremony!

Selena: Stage 2 / Sacrifice

Selena is also doing well for her initiation ceremony.

China: Stage 3 / Glory!

For China, now that she’s “made it”, she becomes successful. She’s got the Illuminati watching her back, and everyone loves her! Was it worth it China, hm? WAS IT?

Selena: Stage 3 / .. innocence?

I’m not quite sure what Selena strived to become in Stage 3, but in that stage, she does The Baphomet a lot. So good things will come her way, and they have, because now she’s one of the most famous pop-stars.

I suspect China will have lots of symbolism in her upcoming videos, just like Selena Gomez did. I really doubt she will become as successful as Selena though. Selena had to go through a lot to get where she is today. I’m sure she had to do some very unpleasant things, but hey, fame is totally worth it… right?

Disney Tricks: Part 3 | Chapter I


Well, it’s finally been completed. Here’s a few things you should know. The “Musical Intro” is finished, about half-way in, so now these parts will be chock full of information. I apologize for the quality; I’m on a pretty crappy connection with hardly any upload speed, so I had to shorten the file size so it wouldn’t take 500 minutes.

Hope you enjoy it! (Part 4 is nearly finished)


For those who haven’t been watching the series, I suggest you watch the first two parts:

Part 1

Part 2

Disney’s Gratuitous use of the British Flag

This is a small blog post for a segment that will be in Disney Tricks Chapter II. Since I started watching Disney Channel (ugh), and following their ‘Starlets’, I’ve noticed that every show has episodes that have needless shots of the British Flag. WHY? I don’t get the reasoning behind it. It makes absolutely no sense to have it everywhere… unless, of course, the Illuminati have something to do with it. We all know the British Royal Family is one of the key families to be causing the World’s problems. So have the British infiltrated Disney, too? Most likely, given the fact that Disney has Luciferian/Illuminati symbolism in every one of their shows. I also have reason to believe that their Starlets are part of a British bloodline (with Eugenics involved). Check this out:

That’s Selena Gomez (right) and Demi Lovato (left). This is from one of their vlogs on Youtube (before they stopped being friends). In most of their vlogs, you can see the British flag up on their wall. I think this is Selena’s house, but I’m not too sure on that. So, why would they have a British flag on the wall? I’ll be going into detail about how Disney starlets are already pre-selected and are given their own show once they hit the age the handlers want them to be. This will be detailed in Disney Tricks Chapter 1 (which I will be working on soon).

This segment though, will be in Chapter II of Disney Tricks. Here’s a little taste of what you will see:

Disney Show: Shake it Up  / Episode: Kick it Up

Skull & Bones right beside the British flag… just, wow.  Here’s a list of the shows I have spotted having the British flag, on more than one occasion:

Wizards of Waverly Place

Good Luck Charlie

Shake it Up

Hannah Montana

I’ve also been seeing this on Nickelodeon, on their popular shows iCarly & Victorious. In Chapter 2 of Disney Tricks I’ll also go into how Nickelodeon and Disney are closely tied. Which would explain a lot of things… Stay tuned!

KPop: EZ Symbolism // #2

Due to the surprising success of my last KPop blog, I’ll be making a ‘series’ of them. Each blog will contain Three Music Videos. This is to minimize the suffering I go through when I’m analyzing these videos. This blog in particular will be very picture heavy, so you have to click “Read the rest of this entry” to see the full blog.

Let’s begin…


More videos & picture analysis once you click “Read the rest of this entry” ….

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Future Projects: Preview #1

Since it’s been so long since my last video/blog, I’m going to start posting a couple previews to all the projects I’m working on. I won’t post too much, since it would make watching the videos pointless. Let’s get started..

Disney Tricks

Chapter 2: Disney Symbolism

Wizards of Waverly Place: Monarch Girls

Both the shirt & the necklace resemble a Monarch Butterfly

The face paint is obviously a Monarch Butterfly

Interestingly enough, both these episodes come one after the other. Coincidence? YA OK! You should know by now what the Monarch Butterfly is symbolic for. If you don’t, Google: “Monarch mind-control”

Shake it Up

Zendaya (on right) as Baphomet

This Zendaya girl is always getting into some kind of weird Illuminati things in the show. Kind of like Selena Gomez. She must have an awesome handler!

derpface. This is from their Music Video “Watch Me”


Video Game Symbolism

Super Mario Galaxy

This is the literal Goddess of the game. As you can see, only her left eye is exposed. “I’ve been watching you” is her first line of dialogue.



iParty with Victorious with my Illuminati Eyeball

This episode… had so much weird stuff. Can’t wait to compile it all together in Part 3.

KPop – EZ Symbolism

I was going to make one video out of this, and I probably still will, eventually. If you don’t know what KPop is, it’s Korean Pop music, which is really popular these days. Probably because American Pop music just sucks. Anyway, let’s get to it. This blog post will include several videos and a lot of pictures, so you’ll have to click “read the rest of this entry” for the whole blog. I don’t want to have the home page looking like an anime website.

Girls Generation

When I said “EZ Symbolism” I really meant it. The symbolism in these videos are really obvious, and the most basic. You won’t find elaborate stories in these videos…

Lots more once you click “Read the rest of this entry”

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What’s with Lady Gaga’s obsession with Honey?

“I have this recurring dream sometimes where there’s a phantom in my home. And he takes me into a room, and there’s a blond girl with ropes tied to all four of her limbs. And she’s got my shoes on from the Grammys. Go figure – psycho. And the ropes are pulling her apart. I never see her get pulled apart, but I just watch her whimper, and then the phantom says to me, ‘If you want me to stop hurting her and if you want your family to be OK, you will cut your wrist.’ And I think that he has his own, like, crazy wrist-cutting device. And he has this honey in, like, Tupperware, and it looks like sweet-and-sour sauce with a lot of MSG from New York. Just bizarre. And he wants me to pour the honey into the wound, and then put cream over it and a gauze”

-   Lady Gaga

I think there’s some deeper meaning behind Gaga’s use of honey. I don’t exactly know what it is, but I have an idea. Let’s first go over some uses of honey in her video Telephone.

Here she is pouring poison into a jug of honey.

“Mmm mm Honey B

Beyonce takes a bite of a honey bun and gives Gaga a bite of it, right before they go murder some people.

“I knew you’d take all my Honey”

I’m not a fan of Lady Gaga, so I don’t know how much she uses honey. I’m sure this isn’t the only occasion though. So, what could it mean? I dug around a bit and found out that in Hinduism, Honey is one of the five elixirs of immortality. This can be directly linked to Transhumanism. We know the Elite wish to accomplish immortality through technology. Honey also links to Beehives, which can also tie in to Transhumanism. I just made a blog explaining a bit of Transhumanism: the Elite want a “Hive Mind” containing all human intelligence, where all forms of consciousness is connected, and individuality is stifled. So this could be the meaning behind her use of honey, in a symbolic way. In the dream, she pours the honey on the wounds. In Hinduism, they had a ritual of pouring honey on the Gods. I guess this is a way of replenishing their power? So by her pouring the honey on wounds, she is healing the person in the dream. I’m having trouble wrapping my head around it all, because some of it still doesn’t make sense. When Beyonce says, “I knew you’d take all my honey” what the hell is that supposed to mean?! Ugh! If any of you guys have any insight into this, I’d appreciate it!