Concerning Vigilant Citizen

Lately, before the release of my newest video on the Rocafella accusations, I’ve been testing out the theory by just spreading it through-out major symbolism websites.

When I first started The Entertainer’s Message (a series that was never finished because I wasn’t proud of the results) I did this same thing. Back then, though, things were different. I received a massive amount of ridicule just because I didn’t believe Rocafella members to be Satanists. I spread my videos on VC, and The Industry Exposed. VC wasn’t as harsh, but IDE’s webmasters took the time to make his followers come to my Youtube channel and insult me. There was never any real debate on the subject I brought up, it was mainly to assassinate my character. I brushed this off, as I do with all my other arguments with the nitwits of the internet.

Moving on to the test, which was posting comments at Vigilant Citizen. I stayed the same way, kept a clean mature attitude when addressing this issue. I was getting insults again of course, but after the third or so day of doing this, I started noticing that my comments were vanishing. I thought maybe it was a glitch, maybe my comments weren’t going through. I kept on, and on, and on… There was never any indication why my comments were being deleted. I wasn’t spamming, and I wasn’t advertising anything. I was merely bringing up a new idea on a site that promotes “the old idea”. I figured it out though, after the I guess.. tenth comment deletion. This site, Vigilant Citizen, is ranking in on that paper. If VC were to just abandon the “Rihanna is a Satanic Mind Controlled Illuminati Demon Slave” theory, his site may not be as popular. VC has practically indoctrinated people with this theory, and if VC were to tell the real truth, would people still look at his site? Probably..So I’m not getting the full scope of things.

So, in conclusion, why is VC deleting my comments every time I post this NEW theory? Does he have some agenda to push? Is he intentionally spreading disinformation and doesn’t want people to know the real truth? meh, I’m not entirely sure, but I still find it odd that he has moderators on my ass every time I post there. 5-10 minutes, my comment goes down the memory hole.


15 thoughts on “Concerning Vigilant Citizen

  1. I feel the same wayyyy…I posted a comment well actually a question for all the
    other people who usually comment there. My only intention was to get some answers
    regarding some things that have been on my mind lately and have been bothering a lot.
    Apparently my post has disappeared and I cannot post anything on this website.
    I am so shocked that this happened. I cant beleive he would do such a thing!!!
    I honestly thought VC was the real deal but lets say its good to see the true colors come out.

    Do you really think that he must be spreading false information to everyone? I am at a
    point where I dont even know what to think and who to trust 😦

  2. Most certainly

    VC (or somebody working on his behalf) has been deleting my comments as well. Most disturbingly, he (or his team) delete comments which link to the mainstream media, google scholar, scholarly journals and .edu websites as proof. It’s important to cite sources in any research. For those reasons, I do not understand why VC removes comments with sources. It appears the VC is part of the controlled opposition to a certain extent. Or VC wants to program us into looking at topics in a certain closed-minded manner.

    After reading VC, you’ll still have your mind in a box, except it will be a different box!

  3. Well guys, after he deleted my comment I was done. I KNEW something was up then… My comment was regarding, someone’s other comment that I had saw earlier that day. Basically, the guy was talking about how VC was focused on celebrities and such; and had moved away from the issuses at hand. Also he had said that he thought that someone had “whispered in his ear” (What I mean by that is, that someone probably told VC to disinfo everyone and draw them away from everything important) So when I refreshed the browser after about an hour– The Comment was gone. So I posted a comment about it asking if anyone else had seen it. I also added that people should start redirecting there brains elsewhere. See that was my mistake. Someone else posted well maybe that’s why he was one vacation… 5 minutes later my first post was deleted. (Look on his website. He apologizes for not posting updates for about a week and says he was on a “vacation”) My Username on there is Jianei… If you use the find button try and see if my comment is still on there. If not… Well he is hiding something. I AM SO DONE WITH THAT WEBSITE! And VC I HOPE YOU SEE THIS TOO! YOUVE BEEN EXPOSED!

  4. I used to be his fan, but after checking out his about me section I started getting suspicious about him. Did he call himself mystic christian? It just proves he is an illuminati puppet. I wont say he is spreading disinformation completely. There is something more to it than that.

    • Update: Vigilant Citizen completely removed from his site that he is into Christian mysticism. In other words, he visited this blog.

  5. I had just joined the message board and had posted twice and now I get time out errors. I went on on the other network I have and was able to get on the VC site. Tried to post but couldn’t never got a ban notice or anything. Now I just get time out errors and cannot access the VC site on either network. Odd?

  6. Check it out, this is what Vigilant Citizen did to a bunch of his members that had joined a different site/forum that was actually a different theme

    The image was screen shot by one of his moderators by the name of Monica Hill now also posting on the VC site as Katarzyna.

    How insane is that to be calling some of the users on his forum a “traitor” just for joining a different site.

    Totally insane!

  7. Honestly…this may sound absolutely nuts, but I’ve been wondering, for a while, whether it’s really even him. His style just seems so different from the way it was before; it even feels different reading his stuff now. For one, he seems a lot more defensive now, anytime someone disagrees with him. It’s one thing to just change your writing style, but this seems different…I can’t really explain it, and I know it sounds random, but is it possible that he’s been replaced or something?

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