Concerning Vigilant Citizen Pt.2 [UPDATE – WITH E-MAILS]

Soon after I made that blog post, I tried posting some more on Vigilant’s site, just to make sure… can you guess the outcome?!

This is a direct, NOT fabricated screen shot of the e-mails we exchanged shortly after I made those comments. As you can tell from the image, Vigilant never replies back because HE WILL NOT ADMIT to removing my comments, that DID NOT break any of the rules. He clearly does not want people thinking for themselves, and he doesn’t want people there that have new ideas that conflict with HIS OWN ideas. If you ever see my comments there, those are probably the ones he missed!


Vigilant threatened me with a lawsuit unless I removed the image.

If I wasn’t worried about his ‘connections’ I wouldn’t care. But… yeah. Take that as you will. 😉


15 thoughts on “Concerning Vigilant Citizen Pt.2 [UPDATE – WITH E-MAILS]

    • that’s perfectly fine with me, but it’s still good to go there for some of the analysis of things. but it seems to me he has an agenda to push. like, he’s wanting to make the Illuminati seem like they have so much power they’re unstoppable. he’s making a lot of people scared :\ i wouldn’t trust that site at all.
      thanks for your comment though ;]

  1. I’m starting to get sick of the whole atmosphere surrounding the boards and the site in general. A lot of his followers are just in general very negative and gullible with a holier than thou attitude. Anybody with an alternative analysis or theory to his gospel is branded as an ignorant sheep [how ironic]and in genral his entire presence strikes me as suspicious. Something tells me you’re a little bit more real than the VC and your blog looks pretty good too!

    • yeah, i’m trying to change that whole group-think on the boards, but damn is it hard! my suspicions of VC are getting greater by the day. trust me, i’m a lot more real that VC is. he doesn’t care about his followers at all, and he argues or simply deletes the people that disagree with him. he’s pretty much an internet tyrant.
      but thank you! glad you’ve swung by 🙂

  2. Illuminati shills must run VC. I’ve noticed they have conversations and support each other. There are some innocent and gullible people also.

    • yeah there is most definitely something going on over there. VC doesn’t delete criticizing comments/ban people for no reason. he also deleted his message board when people started going against him, so he just removed that part of history like the elitist he is.

  3. Im so glad I found this blog to share my recent frustration with VC but also to find others
    in the same situation as me. Thanks for this blog!

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  5. VC is a suspicious site.And for me is part of those illuminatis…good to know what kind of HIDDEN AGENDA we can find bennet his articles…any idea? why that site try to show those symbolism?Why that guy or group knows too much about those topics?

  6. Sorry guys, I´m myself a christian, and christian mysticism is not real christianity. Knowing God cannot be put together in a 1-2-3 steps program. On the other hand I´m not VC´s lawyer but on my perspective that page usually divides the visitors that posts into two main areas… One is pro-VC which I usually agree and the other is people that could be illuminatti agents. This is just my point of view but I think some of the main comments that creates certain unstability in VC´s blog are deleted and when that happanes all the sub messages linked to the main one are also deleted as well. But this is the way regular blogs work (I´m also a pro webmaster for more than 10 years). So in some of your cases it was obvious that the message eliminated was deleted not due infringement but as a result of the main message being erased.
    On @agaetis181 case I think it´s very probable that you were confused as an illuminatti agent and for this reason your messages has been erased.
    I haven´t seen which was your original post. But VC is free to moderate his blog as he wishes as it is his. So if a person seems to not have or share the same vocabulary or vision then it is easy to get confused. Your arguing being a rockefella´s defender I guess didn´t help neither… I would be suspicious for me as well… just like being a christian and defending a christian point of view would be suspicious for you guys…
    On the other hand I would like to understand which is your approach on the occult symbols. WICCANS usually defend the symbols as theirs and missunderstood due to luciferians believings. Most of us do not see any difference…
    I´m just trying to be as honest as possible no offense intended…

    • i understand your position, and agree with some of it.
      but as of today (after this blog’s post), i’ve posted on VC since then, not mentioning anything rocafella related. ANY ‘disagreement’ would be deleted, and now i’m ip-banned from commenting there. i’m under a different ip, and a different user name, when this happened. so no, this has nothing to do with him thinking i’m an illuminati agent. he just can’t take people disagreeing with him. i’ve spoken with several people experiencing the same things as i am.

      vigilant should not be held in such high regard. he is what he supposedly hates, essentially he’s a tyrant. he pays for his website, but if you don’t praise him or agree with him, you’re ip-banned.

      • Hello agaetis181, thank you for your response. I haven´t posted on VC ever, I just read his researches and then go through the web studying deeper.

        I don´t know VC personally so I have no more ideas on your case besides my own conclusions. I agree with you we must filter any information and its source. I have seen many supossed “men of God” not just falling, but giving erroneous messages. Occultism, massonery and witchcraft is every where and it´s part of a NWO strategy in order for us to accept it as normal. So many of us are always “vigilant” of anyone preaching. On the other hand I haven´t seem yet any confussing material on VC´s articles.

        Most of the issues comes from the VC Board forum and the comments area. So having several sources per each comment or post in those areas I guess it´s difficult to have an analysis on VC´s real thoughts or way of thinking.

        On the other hand I´m may not be VC but I´m open on discussing occult symbols and the NWO movement in your blog. I think that if you do not have a partial view (christian view for example) it is easier to fall for any of this wrong NWO ideas… (which includes false preachers)

        So I´m very interested in your approach as it is a different perspective and I would like to help as much people as possible no just Christians…

        Cheers from Barcelona, Spain.

  7. Check it out, this is what Vigilant Citizen did to a bunch of his members that had joined a different site/forum that was actually a different theme

    The image was screen shot by one of his moderators by the name of Monica Hill now also posting on the VC site as Katarzyna.

    How insane is that to be calling some of the users on his forum a “traitor” just for joining a different site.

    Totally insane!

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