The Truth behind Rocafella (Preview #1)

As some of you know, 30 minutes after I advertised (through annotations on my Justin Bieber video) my Rocafella Preview #1 video, Youtube removed Agaetis181 for “copyrighted material”. I made a new account, Agaetis1811 – I uploaded the same video, gave it the same name, this was a mistake. I bypassed the initial copyright claim with the “Pasting the Law” trick into the Dispute Form. 5 minutes later, the video gets removed, and Agaetis1811 gets his first strike. Now I think they’re just watching me..

I’m going to keep trying to upload these videos, on seperate channels. I’ll lay low for a couple days, though. Preview #2 was nearly finished, but the Project file glitched (like it sometimes does), so now I have to remake it or try to find a fix…

The Truth behind Rocafella (Preview #1)




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2 thoughts on “The Truth behind Rocafella (Preview #1)

  1. Hey man! Its LukeoXx from YouTube, I saw that your account was closed, I’m glad I found your blog through a Google search of your username! Keep fighting the fight!

    • lol that’s weird! i was going through my old e-mail, lookin for my old viewers, and i found your name and sent a request just yesterday.
      thanks dude, the fight will continue no matter what! lol.

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