iCarly Symbolism II (Preview)

When I posted the first part, a lot of people were confused, asking me how “The Goat” (BAPHOMET) had any influence in that episode. Let me clear some things up… There’s a lot of Luciferian Symbolism in iCarly, this blog preview will validate it. But in Part 1, the episode is about Carly’s room being burnt down. Bathed in fire! Carly gets really upset when someone asks what The Goat did. Why would she get upset? Wouldn’t it be a funny story? Unless something disgusting happened, so it would be embarrassing… but what can a REAL goat do, to make someone so upset, over a damn question? You don’t find out what The Goat did either, so it’s really up to the viewer’s imagination. What do you think The Goat did? You think on that while I show you how they incorporate Satanism in this show.

Here we have the Pentagrams,

and a Trident pointing right at them

What’s interesting about those Pentagrams is they actually IRON ON these Pentagrams. In some episodes, the Pentagrams are normal stars, without being turned. It seems like if the episode has a strange plot, the Pentagrams appear. You can tell these are ironed on from this picture: you see how there’s white on the right side? That’s more of the shirt’s writing, but they covered up the word with the Pentagrams. 3 Pentagrams!

You only get to see these Pentagrams for a short time. Freddie (the lil boy) wears the shirt only at the beginning. The front of the shirt is only shown at the beginning, and then the rest of the scene Freddie blocks the camera’s view of the Pentagrams. Kewl.


The Episode’s plot, and some other interesting tidbits will be covered in Part 2. If you’ve never seen Part 1 (because Youtube took it down),

here it is:




6 thoughts on “iCarly Symbolism II (Preview)

  1. what does a goat have to do with icarly? you is one asshole! from: mariah amanda hamilton.

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