For the record: 30 minutes after Vigilant (or someone else entirely?) e-mailed me to take down “the screenshot” (go to this blog post here:, I got banned. Now, I wasn’t breaking any rules, I was only trying to get people to look beyond the symbolism. People were actually starting to. This is why I was banned. What, was I banned because I said Vigilant won’t look beyond the symbolism (BECAUSE HE WON’T)? Nah, that wasn’t rule-breaking. I didn’t swear, insult, or anything, merely taught people to think for themselves, with the help of a lovely lady.


Alright so the simple ban wasn’t enough? I’d like for them to show me what I did for “MULTIPLE RULE VIOLATIONS!!” Go to the board, you will literally only find ONE thread where I acted like a troll. This was only because I didn’t like the poster, and he talked back to me, and I hate it when people with “high post counts” think they’re better than people with low ones. He’s that type of person, which is why I talked back to him.

The thread is: “MESSAGE TO VC..” on General Discussion. Not only did HE want to argue with me, but I didn’t even really insult him.

The point of the IP-Ban was to keep me from coming back on a different user-name (which I wasn’t going to do anyway). Don’t these e-tyrants know you can use proxies to get in?


14 thoughts on “DO NOT TRUST VIGILANT

  1. Don’t sweat it; I’m easily baited by stupid.. it’s our desire to correctly inform people that leads into frustration (sometimes baffled by lack of understanding) when they fail to open both eyes.

  2. These are all good points but the person who started Vigilant Citizen has secret connections with networks that are apart of illuminati and those managers don’t know it, VC has way more info than you and is more dependable. It’s good that you created a website to spread the word but they did it for the same reasons so don’t hate on them you guys are doing it for the same cause!

    • VC has connections to the Illuminati and all he does is quote books that don’t prove anything? lol.. you can defend him if you please, but he’s hardly dependable. you can’t have your own opinion without him deleting it, so what does that tell you?

  3. I put a comment to ask VC to put some names u organization who made that kind of mind control and for that question he banned me an my comment was deleted…that site is very suspicious.

  4. G’Day! Illuminatisymbolism,
    This might be off topic, however, We have a toddler together, and I have a 9 year old from a previous relationship. We never officially lived together although he came round every single day and spent every moment not at work with us. He was horrible and distant to my daughter while I was pregnant, and only when I ended the relationship in november, did he become nice to her again. He swears it’s because he misses her, but he is talking to her behind my back, despite me telling him not to, trying to get her to change my mind. He is a brilliant dad to our little one, but several suicide threats, and repeated telling my daughter after we had a row that he was ‘going away’ and would never see her again because of me,(and carrying it out for 3 days at a time) and I have finally said I don’t want to spend any more time with him. The children need to see him, (especially my older girl as she has become very attached to him) but I don’t trust him with her on his own as he keeps trying to get her to tell me to take him back. She has told me but won’t let me tell him I know, as he made her promise not to tell and she is frightened that he will shout at her and blame her for not helping the situation. I am trying to arrange some time together for them at a contact centre so he can’t say anything like that to her, but he is refusing to go there. She is really upset as she loves him and misses him and I am becoming the bad one to her although I am trying to protect her. My gut instinct is that I am doing the right thing as I don’t trust him to keep her emotionally safe, and I don’t trust him not to take our baby away if he has her by himself. My mum thinks I am over reacting, but as I am now receiving wierd emails from a ‘women’s group’ trying to persuade me to ‘keep the family together as he is a good man’, I think it is him writing under woman’s pseudonym (‘she’ makes the same punctuation mistake as him), and that is really really creeping me out. Sometimes I think I am paranoid but other times I think I am not being vigilant enough as I don’t know what he is capable of. Please help me with some practical advice. I am in the UK. Thank you.
    Keep up the good work

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