The Deepest Darkness

Whew. I’m so glad that the Dubya Bush regime has finally ended. Now we don’t have to deal with no patriot act or homeland security or cameras inside cameras. Probably the worst president since Clinton. It’s true, he didn’t care about black people, or people in general, unless they were possessed by the daevil.

If people are possessed by the daevil, he finds a common ground. He feels at home.

Take a look at the famous video that was taken during the 9/11 attack.

Yeah, that Dubya is such a dumbass hehehe!!

Let’s take a closer look shall we!!

I like those people.

This is an odd way to teach, isn’t it? Instead of personal development, it’s all about the chant. If this is her normal way of teaching, how can she chart each student’s progress? The rest of the video shows that her teaching is based around group-think.

Look at the way his mouth is in a slit and the way he’s breathing. Looks excited, doesn’t he? Especially when the kids say “hit.”

That was a trip, wasn’t it?

Did you pay attention to what the kids were chanting?

“Hit steel; plane must.”

Four words that have no real connection, but on that day they did. Their lesson, the words they chanted, made a complete, illuminating sentence.

Then right after the lesson, the famous whisper. RIGHT AFTER.

What are the implications of this?

Well obviously, 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB [/endchant]

That Dubya and everybody that orchestrated this little scene, this little ritual, are extremely disturbed.

That the government can control lesson plans, day by day. Because no doubt that book came from the gubmint. Look at the teacher; she has no real idea what she’s doing. The gubmint cultivated that strange way of teaching, all to make it so that the kids would chant what just happened.

That Dubya really doesn’t care about black people. Now that we’ve established that this entire thing was orchestrated, we know that it was that school that was chosen months beforehand. The establishment hates black people, has always hated black people, and will always hate black people. They got a sick satisfaction off of this.

That the attacks MUST happen. They MUST!!!

The implications of all this are huge. And before you jump on the coincidence theory, know that coincidences stop being coincidences when a pattern is established. Kids succinctly chanting about the attack while it’s happening, Dubya obviously enjoying it, and the famous whisper happening right afterward did not “just happen.”

It was a ritual.

To whom you may ask?

Let’s look at what they read afterward.

“The Pet Goat”

Well, isn’t that nice.

This is as dark as it gets, ladies and gentlemen. This evil force is the enemy of all mankind, and you sit on your laurels at your peril.


8 thoughts on “The Deepest Darkness

  1. You made some really good points, but I don’t think I could use this to wake up somebody. They would think its beyond crazy.

    • lol of course not. “normal people” fail to realize that these politicians are sick in the head. they ritualize every evil thing they do, so of course they’re going to do this. having blacks chant out a major thing in history… disgusting.

  2. the teacher won’t now that what she is saying is secret.”she must of been watching tv and got the brain control by its proccing”. thats why i stay away from tv all times

  3. Excellent post. I found you when searching “The Pet Goat”. I wanted to write a poem contrasting Christ my king, the lamb of God, opening the book of life, with
    these temporary minions of the devil. How about how all the kids reach for their books under their seats after their little spell. Looks like ducking from disaster to me. I think the actual words may be kite, kit, steel, playing, must. It really doesn’t matter much as it’s all just a game to them.

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