Videos you may have not seen…

I’m going to put all my past videos in this blog for all the new viewers! 🙂

Disney Tricks

Chapter I | | Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato

Part 1

Part 2


Need a better explanation of that Good Morning America performance?


Parts 3 & 4 will be done shortly.. still gathering research!


Justin Bieber & The Symbolism

Part 1

(nearly reached 200,000 views before deletion)

This was also my very first video!

Part 2

Justin Bieber [Somebody to Love]


“The Others”

The Entertainer’s Message Part 1

The ‘Selena Gomez “Naturally” Analysis’ didn’t render properly, this is why most of it is black. 😦

Wizards of Waverly Place & The Alien Agenda


Thanks for watching!



8 thoughts on “Videos you may have not seen…

  1. U are doing a cretible job. Feed me any latest development. I will also do so. The kingdom of darknss must expose no matter wot.

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