The Suite Life Movie: Transhumanism & Mind Control

Unfortunately, like a lot of America’s teenagers, I anticipated the release of this movie. Why? Just by viewing the trailer alone you can guess why. Disney’s up to their old tricks again! Only this time, it’s more than just symbolism…

Let me give you a basic rundown of the plot: Cody wants to go to Yale (why his fascination with Yale? Skull & Bones!), so he does some project with Dolphins to get an internship, to hopefully succeed in this to get his recommendations for Yale. During all this, Zack is being the annoying brother who sabotages Cody’s future. Cody gets fired from his internship, but then winds up at a new project: The Gemini Project. This is basically it, but all through the movie, you have your Disney kid humor, brothers wanting to not be brothers, Cody’s girlfriend hating him until the end, and the Asian girl acting stupid. How come kids/teenagers don’t get tired of the same jokes?

The Gemini Project aims at merging twins to be a part of one consciousness. But this isn’t the fictional project’s aims, it’s what ‘The Elites’ actually desire. To create a ‘hive mind’ that will combine the Human species’ intelligence into one technological brain; “The Hive Mind”.

Hive Mind : A type of collective consciousness where individuality is stifled; a state of conformity; also written hivemind”.

There might be a drug, which, without other harmful effects, removed the urgency of sexual desire, and so, reproduced in humanity the status of workers in a beehive.”  –  Charles Darwin

In the movie, they actually use this term to explain what ‘the bad guy’ wants. He wants to create this Hive Mind for the betterment of the species, but he also wants to control the Twins involved. See, when he creates this, he can give orders to the twins to carry out his bidding. So, when Zack & Cody disobey ‘the bad guy’, all the other twins involved in the project go after them. These twins are already under the hive mind, so ‘the bad guy’ has full control over what they do. This is where the Mind Control bit comes in. They go after Z&C, chanting, “Get Zack & Cody, Get Zack & Cody, Get Zack & Cody” for 10 straight minutes. It was hypnotizing to watch, and rather annoying too…

Anyway, you get the gist of it, sorry I couldn’t provide you with clips of the things I’m talking about. In Disney Tricks Chapter 2, I will include this movie, along with other Disney Hive Mind symbolism (eg: Tron Legacy).


8 thoughts on “The Suite Life Movie: Transhumanism & Mind Control

  1. Believe me I am not a devotee of Richard Dawkins, but I do like to check sources and when I googled that ‘quote’ from Darwin all I got was 3 links which led me back to here. So where is the quote from? What book? etc

  2. I have a different take on this. I think that this movie has lots of hidden meanings in it as well. What tiped me off was that they were making a lot of references t aliens and alternate dimensions and parallel universes. Isnt it funny that 10 years ago we would never have fathumed alternate universes. we were brought up to believe that there was only one infinite universe brought about by the big bang. I f you would have talked about parallel universes ten years ago people not only would not have known what you were talking about but they would have called youa conspiracy theorist, sort of like the first who dared to believe that the world was round and not flat. What if the aliens are here already and they are giving us hidden messages that they are among us. Maybe they are doing this not to scare or frighten us when they finally expose themselves to us. What is the best way to calm the human race after completely changing the very fabric of their reality? Maybe the best way is to put hidden messages and clues within mainstream media. Subliminal messages in what here hear and watch every day so that when they finally come around to expose us on how to bend the very fabric of space and time, that we are not afraid and accept them willing. Firstly, you mention project gemini which actually is related to the Nasa missions in the 60s. The gemini projects is one of the first where astraunauts saw aliens. THere was an astraunaut on board who discribed seeing a UFO in orbit and took pictures of them. THen they also make a reference to saving the earth from a killer asteroid as one of the twins when in the lab states: if its not going to save the kill an asteroid im not insterested. Perhaps they will present themselves as our saviors by telling us that they have the technology to save us from such a disasterous event. they also they make several references to parallel universes as well.

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