KPop – EZ Symbolism

I was going to make one video out of this, and I probably still will, eventually. If you don’t know what KPop is, it’s Korean Pop music, which is really popular these days. Probably because American Pop music just sucks. Anyway, let’s get to it. This blog post will include several videos and a lot of pictures, so you’ll have to click “read the rest of this entry” for the whole blog. I don’t want to have the home page looking like an anime website.

Girls Generation

When I said “EZ Symbolism” I really meant it. The symbolism in these videos are really obvious, and the most basic. You won’t find elaborate stories in these videos…

Lots more once you click “Read the rest of this entry”

Now comes the picture analysis:

Checker board flooring, which is a reference to Masonry

You will see LOTS of Black & White in these videos. But that’s just a fashion trend, right? Of course it is, because it’s been forced into popularity. Kind of like “Forced Memes” on the Internet. The idea is that if you keep pushing an ‘idea’ onto people, it will eventually catch on.

Moving on… There’s not much to this video, but there is some interesting parts to it. At the very end, ‘The Girls’ seem to be inside a painted head? I don’t get it either. But the camera zooms out of the LEFT eye.

Well, that’s awesome, I guess. There’s something else, but we’ll save that for the end of the blog.

Remember, this is easy symbolism, you probably don’t even need my picture analysis of these videos. But I save you from having to listen to it, at least! So what’s in this one, then?

‘The Girls’ are in black & white… how original.


Resembles an eyeball, doesn’t it?

There’s a story version to this video as well, which actually has a good message. It’s about some cheerleaders (played by ‘The Girls’) who get intimidated by ‘The Girls’ in black, because they’re more flashier than them or something. Long story short, you figure out that The Girls in black are products of Television, so the cheerleaders unplug the TV and they disappear. So, they were just fake! Yay!

Next up…


This is another band signed to the same record label as Girls Generation: SM Entertainment.

This is such a kawaii song ^_^

There’s quite a bit of it in this one, most notably is the gigantic spiral eyeball.



Hexagons are a prevalent symbol of Transhumanism (you know, for bee hives)

Diamoned black & white hoodie, with pyramid studded bracelets. Left eye is also emphasized.

I nearly choked when this.. girl? starts rapping.

Check out that ring!

They even reference Disney in this song/video

Alright, that’s pretty much it for this post. I’m saving all the other videos I’ve found for the 10 minute video compilation. No spoilers 🙂 But there is one last thing I should address…

The heavily emphasized right eye

Hm… They should know which is the correct eye to use, if they’re going to represent Horus. No words from me on this yet…

Thanks for reading!


33 thoughts on “KPop – EZ Symbolism

  1. great post ^^
    actually I listen to kpop a lot and i dunno why I love this post. I’ve realised the hidden illuminati symbols on -most of- their music video. at first I was think its just coincidence but yeah, its definitely not

  2. illuminati and satanism is all over kpop and beyond that…you will find many answers on the webiste i’ve attached.
    simply go to and type in “kpop illuminati”

  3. I love kpop much in this recently year… I’m very shock knowing this reality.. Please give more article about kpop and illuminati..

  4. I don’t get it. The thing that doesn’t make ANY sense is their motivation for doing this…that’s why I think it’s fake. There’s no real illuminati symbolism. Why would they all randomly decide to put illuminati symbolism in their videos??? Why?!?! Lmao. They wouldn’t. It makes no sense…

  5. Hhhh…. How sure are you that this are not plane coincidences. Remember that the girls aren’t making up their own steps and concepts and background for their videos. Its the company in which they work and these girls are nothing but plane entertainers. If someone would be blamed in the illuminati thingy, then its SM Entertainment and not this girls.

  6. honestly, it’s not their fault. It’s SM Entertainment to blame, not the performers. Don’t worry, I’ve had my doubts as a Christian, but American pop influences these videos, so they just follow

      • im a fan of both snsd and f(x), in the other post of TOP? im a fan of TOP too T^T and honestly it is the company’s fault not theirs…and also, hav u all noticed the illuminati before? no, right? just watch the mv, listen to the music and get over with it. no one actually notices the illuminati. if normal shapes on earth are inserted and becomes a blame, its ridiculous. for those who actually notice the illuminati, that’s a real problem. ive never noticed it and ive always been their fans>< im christian!

      • As a Christian i can honestly say that Pop, Kpop, And Jpop stars are puppets of both the Illuminati and Satan! Modern country music ( 1960-present) and so called christian pop/rock artist are illuminati puppets and they don’t know it! Hook em horns = hail Satan!

    • well well well i have read all comments here right from 2007 till date. all i have to say is illuminati has dominated the world so there’s nothing happening in this world that is not illuminati true story……….

      well if anyone is dougting just read the Bible for more clearification……
      read revelation well and isiah too……

  7. Hi Illuminatisymbolism,
    Thanks, on a related note, I am starting a Masters of Taxation program in September. I am not a fan of tax, but, a close relative of mine is agreeing to pay for 100% of the tuition. It’s a good opportunity. It will open lots of doors.

    Unfortunately, I don’t like the subject. I find it boring & extremely difficult. I know because I studied it in undergrad.

    But, I understand the importance of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The program is a year and a half, and I have to maintain a “B” average…which will be very difficult. I already accepted the offer. I’m not sure what to do. Should I go in it, and suffer for a year and a half, or, not go into it after all?

    All suggestions, comments are welcome. Thanks
    I’ll be back to read more next time

  8. Hi I was at the recent MAMA 2011 concert and was surprised at how blatant the illuminati symbols were… And you could tell which performers were heavily under the illuminati’s influence – they shared common symbols or patterns/symbols with an obvious connection to masonry

    (i) Every time SNSD or Super Junior went on stage, there would be symbols like a giant eye in the middle of the pyramid-like structure on the stage, or checkerboard patterns

    (ii) Masonic pillars on the side of the stage when SNSD was performing

    (iii) Obvious cross-reference to the Matrix movie/elements during Super Junior’s performance

    (iv) Super Junior’s MV of the same song performed during MAMA has several references to the eye of horus/white-black patterms

    (v) During SNSD’s performance at the K-Pop Fest in Sydney, there was a black-and-white checkerboard pattern repeatedly being flashed across the screen behind the stage

    (vi) The MAMA 2011 stage resembles a huge phallic structure sticking out into the audience (at some points during the concert, you can even see its tip throbbing in a reddish colour)

    (vii) Many obvious pyramid-with-circle-on-its-tip symbols all over the stage

    (viii) Lastly, date of the concert was 29.11.11 -> Concert was held on a Tuesday, which is unusual as most concerts in Singapore would normally be on weekends like Fri, Sat or Sunday (this means that the organisers really took alot of pains to ensure that the concert would be held on an “important” date)

    Do take a look at the MAMA videos on youtube to see what I am talking about 🙂

  9. And since both SNSD and Super Junior are under SM Entertainment, I’ve come to the conclusion that SM is definitely under the influence of or owned by or sponsored by the illuminati…

    It’s not difficult to put the pieces together 😉

  10. After watching the new videos of MAMA—EXO, Sherlock—Shinee, Bring the boys out—SNSD, Lucifer—Shinee. I am pretty much convinced that SM Entertainment is controlled by the illuminati.

    Wow, I seriously’ve never realized these things before.
    The video of MAMA made it so clear.

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    website. He was once totally right. This put up actually made my day.
    You can not imagine simply how much time I had spent for this info!
    Thank you!

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