KPop: EZ Symbolism // #2

Due to the surprising success of my last KPop blog, I’ll be making a ‘series’ of them. Each blog will contain Three Music Videos. This is to minimize the suffering I go through when I’m analyzing these videos. This blog in particular will be very picture heavy, so you have to click “Read the rest of this entry” to see the full blog.

Let’s begin…


More videos & picture analysis once you click “Read the rest of this entry” ….

This is a strange one… There’s a lot of stuff going on in this video, but let’s go over the most obvious pieces.

… what?

Why exactly does this girl have the Star of David (Hexagram) on her hat? It makes no sense. There’s nothing  hip about it. She’s not jewish. So there could only be this explanation…

A reference to Freemasonry of course!

You’ll see another nod to Freemasonry at the end...

Having a Crucifix hanging from an eyeball is trendy these days

Yeah, that is an eyeball. The Crucifix is supposed to be the nose, with the frowned mouth connected at the bottom. She’s also standing on…

A black diamond!

Now all they need is a black sun! :all black everything:

Nice horned hair…

and the grand finale… *drumroll*

No words… just awe

Check out the top of this black pyramid. Illumination..

One more thing about this video. Look at the women hitting the instruments on the side of the black pyramid.

They’re blindfolded, surrounding a pyramid

What could this mean?

This is part of an initiation ceremony in Freenmasonry.

Look! Star of Davids at the top! What are the odds?

… just for fun (Selena Gomez)

Next up is..


ugh @ this song/video. There’s nothing even remotely good about it. What do we have here…


Also, this guy’s jacket looks like a masonic floor. Illuminati symbolism has become so trendy these days.

Some more Black & White


These Illuminati hand symbols are purely accidental!

These next set of pictures appear frame by frame.

Pointing at the Left Eye


Yeah, this guy sucks.

Next up.. and the exceptional one of the bunch.. I wonder why..

Miss A

There’s not much to this one, but it’s just a joy to watch amirite?

All the girls are in Black & White of course

That sure doesn’t get old.


Yeah, that’s basically it.

Cool album cover

With these KPop videos, it’s either chock filled with EASY symbolism, or very shallow.

That’s all for this edition. I’ll be continuously making more parts of these blogs, so watch out for them!


22 thoughts on “KPop: EZ Symbolism // #2

  1. i am a kpop fan, and im not saying this just to defend my oppas and noonas, but really? in my opinion, i think the eye-symbol-thingy (done by miss A’s Suzy) actually kinda looks… not illuminati. it looks cutesy.

    • Yea, the more I think about it, the more I think it’s just a cute gesture and people are looking too much into it.

      T-ara dressing up as red indians doesn’t mean they are red indians.

    • rather than putting their eye in the symbol, wouldn’t it be ‘cuter’ to just have it to the side, anime style? instead of pulling a lady gaga? everything in kpop videos is questionable, because every kpop video i watch there’s always illuminati symbols. you can’t pick and choose!

    • that symbol she did is actuall the three sixes look at the index finger and thumb it look likes a six and the three fingers behind it. it is the three sixes and it is well known google it or search it up on youtube it is very well done by jay z lady gaga beyonce lebron and so on

    • Its not because they wearing black and white they are an illuminati you can’t tell that miss a is an illuminati because of the hand gesture that suzy’s done and to their clothes you didn’t even saw any symbols of illuminati in their video so how will you said that they are illuminati

  2. Top isn’t sucks.he’s handsome–
    i love the monkey in his mv.cute♥

    This article is amusing.
    I suggest u for check brown eyed girl,sistar,lee hyori and gdragon 🙂
    i’ll wait for the nxt eps!
    Chu~ for the author :*

  3. Dear Illuminatisymbolism,
    I was wondering on a similar note,, Im planning of auditioning for kpop after i graduate. I will be 17 or 18 do you think that is too old to become a trainee? If no could you please have examples of kpop artists that debuted around or older than my age. Thankyou for your time and no rude comments please.
    Good Job!

  4. This is a great analysis. The tags were a little misleading though. Like a previous commenter already suggested, you should definitely look into HyunA (& her group 4minute) as well as their label mate B2ST. They have the most symbolism of all the KPOP groups at the moment.

    Thank you.

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