Disney’s Gratuitous use of the British Flag

This is a small blog post for a segment that will be in Disney Tricks Chapter II. Since I started watching Disney Channel (ugh), and following their ‘Starlets’, I’ve noticed that every show has episodes that have needless shots of the British Flag. WHY? I don’t get the reasoning behind it. It makes absolutely no sense to have it everywhere… unless, of course, the Illuminati have something to do with it. We all know the British Royal Family is one of the key families to be causing the World’s problems. So have the British infiltrated Disney, too? Most likely, given the fact that Disney has Luciferian/Illuminati symbolism in every one of their shows. I also have reason to believe that their Starlets are part of a British bloodline (with Eugenics involved). Check this out:

That’s Selena Gomez (right) and Demi Lovato (left). This is from one of their vlogs on Youtube (before they stopped being friends). In most of their vlogs, you can see the British flag up on their wall. I think this is Selena’s house, but I’m not too sure on that. So, why would they have a British flag on the wall? I’ll be going into detail about how Disney starlets are already pre-selected and are given their own show once they hit the age the handlers want them to be. This will be detailed in Disney Tricks Chapter 1 (which I will be working on soon).

This segment though, will be in Chapter II of Disney Tricks. Here’s a little taste of what you will see:

Disney Show: Shake it Up  / Episode: Kick it Up

Skull & Bones right beside the British flag… just, wow.  Here’s a list of the shows I have spotted having the British flag, on more than one occasion:

Wizards of Waverly Place

Good Luck Charlie

Shake it Up

Hannah Montana

I’ve also been seeing this on Nickelodeon, on their popular shows iCarly & Victorious. In Chapter 2 of Disney Tricks I’ll also go into how Nickelodeon and Disney are closely tied. Which would explain a lot of things… Stay tuned!


19 thoughts on “Disney’s Gratuitous use of the British Flag

  1. @Agaetis182 i think your on to something.i never noticed that they tend to display the british flag that much smells illuminati to me.

  2. Hey! I have some questions i’d like to know.
    1st off, what does a monarch butterfly have to do with illumanti??
    2nd off, BRITISH FLAG? where’d you get this? i dont understand it..
    Honestly, i dont think any of Disney’s ‘starlets’ are illumanti. because, most of them now are like really young. do you REALLY think someone so young would sell their soul? Just some thoughts..

  3. The color was very important to the Egyptians. The color, in itself, it was magic, The colors had, like most things, a magical component of great intensity. Its composition and its significance were:

    White .- It is made ​​with a base of gesso or chalk A had the meaning of light, sunrise, lust and joy. But it was also, paradoxically, the color of mourning. White was the color of the south, Upper Egypt and that of the vulture goddess Nekhbet, with the white crown was her protector.

    The red base .- It is used more iron ocher or hematite finely shredded. It was the color of blood and it was considered that this color reminiscent of blood-borne life. At the same time red was the color of the eyes of the evil god, Seth, the color of the desert, which implied negative connotations: evil. But it was also the color of the crown of Lower Egypt, the north.

    The blue .- Made with a copper silicate or cobalt salts. He expressed the sky, the hair of the gods and the most prized stone for this color was lapis lazuli. The blue sky was the domain of the gods and this color indicates rebirth.

    The colors red, blue and white, are common in those flags present in the original two revolutions, American and French.
    these three colors are important in Freemasonry, so that all the flags of countries founded by Freemasons have these color . (uk, usa, france,chile, etc).

    • The british flags that were put together upon unification to form the british flag have existed much longer than the freemason’s have existed, and the british royal family has changed many times since then. THESE FLAGS ARE ACTUALLY FLAGS OF SAINTS. WHY WOULD SOME SATANIC ORGANISATION USE FLAGS OF CHRISTIAN SAINTS? from the norman invaders to the tudors, stuarts, and now the windsors, the monarchs have changed. So basically, you’re so far wrong it’s funny. 🙂

  4. You’re all idiots. there is no such thing as the fecking illuminati. Go outside, look at the sunlight and spend time with your families. get a life.

  5. the english and scottish flags, that form the majority of the Union flag, were created before freemasonry existed… so how can you say they were founded by the freemasons? England has more or less been unconquered since 1066. were the freemasons around then too? NO.
    Seriously people, this sort of thing is not normal, it’s unhealthy. why do you do it to yourselves?

  6. Demi lovato and Selena gomez. yes they are british. you can tell by the names GOMEZ and LOVATO. they sound so british don’t they! Do us all a favour and stop writing such nonsense.

  7. The illuminati was originally people who were scientists. The vatican didn’t like this so hunted them down and killed them. These people were not devil worshippers, they were just people who thought things such as “the world is round” which at the time was too much for the vatican to accept. They also believed things like “the earth goes around the sun”. We now ALL accept these ideas. GROW UP YOU CHILDISH IDIOTS.
    you new world order believing morons thought there would be an attack against the london olymics, it didn’t happen. YOU ARE WRONG.

  8. Still not sure sure if illuminati are bad or if they actually the good guys. I do know that if you type illuminati backwards then dot com in your web address then it takes u to the http://www.nsa.gov website. That’s freaky!


  9. I am totally with you on this. Before even reading this post, I had several conversation with some of my family members, we all agreed there was something up. And then I read your post. I believe there IS MOST DEFINITELY something going on. Keep up the good work and let’s get to the bottom of this.

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