Disney’s China McClain – The 3 Stages

This is China Anne McClain, Disney’s newest Starlet. It didn’t take them long to give her a video rife with symbolism. Let’s have a look shall we?

You probably noticed the obvious things yourself, but there’s an underlying meaning behind it, which is reminiscent of Selena Gomez’s “Naturally” video. (Analysis in The Entertainer’s Message Part 1 – but in Disney Tricks Part 4 I will be analyzing it a lot clearer).

First, let’s go over the obvious.

China dancing on the Masonic Floor

Look behind her…

Very clever

Let’s look at this video in a different perspective. Like Selena Gomez, China has to go through ‘Stages’ in order to become successful. This video has similar imagery to Gomez’s “Naturally”, which I will be using as example. At the beginning, China is auditioning for her Ant Farm Budz.

This is the first stage of the three

Note the Stomach Holding

Selena Gomez in Stage 1 – Stomach Holding

In Naturally, before Selena holds her stomach, she goes through a rather… disgusting moment, which involves a Pyramid going inside her (complete with blinking eyeball at top). I’ll go further into that in Part 4 of Disney Tricks.

China: Stage 2 / Dancing on the Masonic Floor

Looks like she’s on her way to passing the initiation ceremony!

Selena: Stage 2 / Sacrifice

Selena is also doing well for her initiation ceremony.

China: Stage 3 / Glory!

For China, now that she’s “made it”, she becomes successful. She’s got the Illuminati watching her back, and everyone loves her! Was it worth it China, hm? WAS IT?

Selena: Stage 3 / .. innocence?

I’m not quite sure what Selena strived to become in Stage 3, but in that stage, she does The Baphomet a lot. So good things will come her way, and they have, because now she’s one of the most famous pop-stars.

I suspect China will have lots of symbolism in her upcoming videos, just like Selena Gomez did. I really doubt she will become as successful as Selena though. Selena had to go through a lot to get where she is today. I’m sure she had to do some very unpleasant things, but hey, fame is totally worth it… right?


30 thoughts on “Disney’s China McClain – The 3 Stages

  1. The reason I googled this, was because I realize that in her newest music video “calling all the monsters” that at the beginning when she’s hanging with her friends, they’re costumes match, of the colors black, white, and red. That’s when it hit me. So I googled and found this, and I realize now that it’s not just me who realizes. This is a really great article.

    • i know, these poor sweet children.

      but even grown adults, like jz strike me as wayward children.

      god bless their souls with His mercy, forgiveness, and love.

  2. i hate that heart-dropping shock when you realize you have been feeding your children this satanic crap for so long.
    then you realize that you’ve been liking a lot of it your whole life.
    then you realize that you will have to change you & your kids’ ENTIRE lifestyle in order to escape these demons so embedded in popular culture.
    to think that many of us have been handing this satanic legacy to our children, without blinking an eye.
    i can only pray that it is not to late for my babies or myself, for that matter.
    and i am grateful that there are people out here who notice this sh*t.
    but the thing is, we’re all STILL considered conspiracy theorists.

  3. My gosh!!!who would have thought???I just wish they soon realize the wrong they are doing and if not I hope they get severely punished!!!God have mercy on their souls

    • Come on, do ya really wish that for them. Everything has a reason, and I know the only reason of doing that is coz of greed and lust for fame. That’s why as christians, ωε need to let our light so shine before men that they may  our good works and glorify our Father in heaven. For eg R.Kelly, he’s the only one without a grammy. Why? The illuminati never gave him coz he’s not one of them. And 50 cent left coz his mom’s a christian. Maybe, but someone has to go up and be a christian that’s popular, so they can talk some sense

  4. My gosh!!!who would have thought??giving up the lord for fame and fortune wow!!!the ultimate gift is the life the good lord has given us and to throw it all away…I have no words. I just wish they soon realize the wrong they are doing and if not…God have mercy on their souls

  5. I am highly disappointed….wtf?….china u too?….i jst wish y’all wil realise tht dis is wrong…..nd yea china nd selena…wtz it worth it?

  6. Come on guys, please these r things to distract us, ωε should focus on things of God, what has the children of the messiah with the illuminati? Just that they r enemies. Besides, don’t be a 100 percent sure that’s true, ya don’t know China, plz don’t study her, she aint a chemistry text, howd ya feel if you were studied for bad areas? China’s the next inspiration after Miley Cyrus, and she’s a youngster like ωε all, let’s try and let her have a good foundation. Sure I know she’s bound to have haters, but saying this, is more than that….

  7. I’m sorry but you no nothing about them sometimes they don’t no what it means. Plus they believe in god because you have to look them up and do research before accuse them for being in the illuminati and when I sing I hold my stomach that’s what your supposed to do. And the the things flying in the background is magic from the music like when u sing u fill magic there is something that over comes you you just get the music or song into it and sel

  8. i cant believe. u are an illuminatist. God in heaven shal judge u. Of all religions why illuminati. U and selena are bitchs. Adam and eve why did u eat dat apple

  9. I find it ridiculous to believe that China is an illuminatist mainly because she’s a Christian.We don’t have to believe everything we see on the internet,the couple of signs we see on these videos may have been just made subconsciously.Lets not judge others(especially if we don’t have sufficient information about them).

  10. Wow, I havent seen this ever sonce i was 8. I find it hard to believe, but, those facts are true. chyna is in the Bavarian Illuminati
    Well, thats her cup of tea because the Day of Judgement is soon.

  11. DUDE she’s a devout Christian so does this even make sense ask google if u don’t believe me literally in most of her Q and As or whenever there a question like what is the best thing that’s ever happened to u she said “finding Jesus” like search up her Youtube channel and watch a few of her Q and As and u will see she isn’t satanic or part of the illuminati or whatever crap u guys dreamed up

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