EZ Symbolism: Family Guy [New Series]

I thought, instead of focusing only on big projects like Disney Tricks, why don’t I just make short videos of all the material I’ve come across? Yeah, so, that’s where this comes in. I have quite a bit of stuff I want to use for this series, which explains the lack of updates to this blog. I’d rather make videos out of it than put it here. These videos won’t take months to make, either.

Thanks for watching!



2 thoughts on “EZ Symbolism: Family Guy [New Series]

  1. nice job.

    sad for me to admit, because this cartoon can make me laugh so much,

    but i also noticed an episode that had dick cheney’s Most Dangerous Game.

  2. Dear Illuminatisymbolism,
    Thanks for your thoughts, I had always taken the show at face value as a child. Now, I am beginning to see their lifestyle not as realistically middle class, but rather an artificially enhanced portrayal of the ghetto. In this view, does the Aunt Rachel character represent an alcoholic or drug addict relative whom the family begrudgingly allows to live in the basement? Also, she has a young son with no father and dresses a little young for her age. Despite not much of an explanation of income, she always dresses nice and can afford to buy a restaurant. Is she also a whore?

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