Disney’s Treasure Buddies: An Abusive use of Illuminati Symbolism

Welp, Disney is at it again. Only this time, they’re a bit careless. Take a look at this trailer for their newest “DCOM” (lol)

Did you notice anything… odd? Like, say, all the eyes? Let me point a few things out.

First of all, have you ever noticed how whenever “Egypt/Pyramids” is shown in movies, they always use the most cliché hieroglyphs? Well, whenever you look at real hieroglyphs, you’ll see that Horus’ story is not all over the place like it’s portrayed as. …of course, we all know it’s in there because of the Illuminati’s obsession with Egyptian lore. Read the story of Osiris, Isis & Horus and you’ll see exactly why they love it so much.

For those who don’t feel like guiding through the video itself, let me show you the things from it:

The very first thing shown, in only a couple frames

There are eyes everywhere in this movie

Do you ever remember seeing Cleopatra wearing an Eye Necklace?

Disney is still subtle when it comes to non-Horus eyes

Want to see just how obsessed the Illuminati is with Horus? Just look at historical emblems!

This is Horus raising the Sun…

This is the Parteiadler, a Nazi Emblem

This is the American Great Seal

You really can’t tell much of a difference, can you?

Treasure Buddies will be fully analyzed early on in Chapter 2 of Disney Tricks.                                            This is what I have been working on the past month…

(click to enlarge)

It should be finished very soon! [+] Update: For anyone wanting to watch the video seen in the picture, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EURrFobUpI


11 thoughts on “Disney’s Treasure Buddies: An Abusive use of Illuminati Symbolism

  1. Sir thanks God 4 ur courages. I want u to enlighten more as ur partiner. So i can help people in my country Nigeria we have illuminati members but they are fooling people not to know.

  2. What about the character Babi. Named after an Egyptian DEMONIC God often portrayed as a baboon with an erect penis. This is way deeper than I ever imagined.

      • horus is an ancient egyptian god, and it seems to me that some of those images are from egyptian papyrus [i could be wrong]. also, the movie is set IN EGYPT; of course there are going to be artifacts and things that relate to egyptian culture and history. and believe it or not, GODS [INCLUDING HORUS] WERE ONCE PART OF EGYPTIAN CULTURE/HISTORY. it’s actually what egypt is well-known for. you might have some interesting points for other people that could be taken into consideration, but honestly? it seems like a bunch of BS

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  4. bohemian grove owl is shown in the film right after they enter Cleopatra’s tombits only for split second then they flash Illuminati eye right after for those you don’t know who that islook it up it will scare you and the owl is not like any other symbolthe owl symbol is very distinctand you can obviously it’s the groves owl

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