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I have now covered this show in my series Disney Tricks.



In Disney’s latest show, Gravity Falls, they show everyone which masters they truly serve. They really don’t give a shit who knows it, either. If anyone had doubts about their connections to the ‘Illuminati’, I’m sure this show validates everything. Disney has always shown who they serve, but this time they’ve let everything ‘hang out’.

Let’s start off with the first episode of the series, because pretty much everything you need to see is in one episode.


This is the ‘Mystery Shack’, the shop that the main character’s (the two kids) Great Uncle runs. The Mystery Shack is home to an array of occultic objects that he apparently sells.  Let’s take a small tour of this lovely shop.

You’re probably thinking “who the hell would buy eyeballs?”, but don’t ask that. You’re asking too much here.

… and here you were thinking all he sold were eyeballs. There’s a couple owl clocks too y’know!

and an Egyptian curtain… yeah.. Speaking of which, what’s that the Uncle is wearing?

A Fez!

Which are quite popular among Freemasons! Nice… He also only has his left eye showing a lot. The gag is he doesn’t really need that eye patch, so I assume he just likes to show only one eye. That’s fitting! A lot of people like to do that here in ol’ Gravity Falls.

There’s the Waitress…

.. and this guy!

Well anyway, let’s get to the juicy bit!

Beautiful :’)

Do they sell those All-Seeing Eye windows at the department store shit I want one

What’s that book he was reading anyway? With all the stuff in this town, I’m sure it was a classic.. (you can click the pictures to enlarge them).

looks kewl. 3 is a kewl # too!


lol. nice. the goat is trying to eat the book oh hahaha!! HA!

Wow… that book was all too revealing. I’m sure it pleases a lot of prominent individuals. But come on Disney, you’ve went this far, why not just go for the big shebang?


What all do we see here? Well obviously there’s the BIG ASS ALL SEEING EYE on the floor there, but there’s also the Star of David beside the vending machine. There’s the typical Disney diamonds (which are about as gratuitously shown as the eyeballs)…

Huh. There’s also a Mayan calender on the left (why?) and some more eyeballs. Yeah, yeah, just great. Well what else is there?!?! Let’s take a look at the intro..

You most likely missed it. There’s a nice image that flashes right after the Title is shown, and here it is:

I find this especially hilarious because they made the symbol look like a freaking cartoon character. What the hell is wrong with Disney? Do they really think no one would catch this? Well they probably know we all would, but they know the masses of people will roll their eyes at this like it’s nothing. They’ll defend their fear to the day they die from a bio-weapon. How noble they are.



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  1. At the end of the intro, you can hear some faint whispering. I thought it was odd so I recorded it. I slowed it down and reversed it. It appears to be saying “bring winners back”. I have no Idea what it means. Any thoughts?

      • well if you play it forwards it says “3 letters back.” and in the end of credits at the end of the show there is a code and iif u go three letters back it has a code that says “WELCOME TO GRAVITY FALLS”

      • Oh my gosh people. Are we gonna just sit here and let little 10 and 11 year old kids stress about what they are watching. I mean, I see comments with people saying I’m scared or creeped out.I am 12 and know almost every thing there is about illuminati. All I’m saying is, let the grownups worry about this for of stuff and you have fun watching these 2 amazing twins go on adventures and solving problem. Thnx :))

      • Yes , that’s it , if u decode with “three letters back” u’ll get “Satan will get you” , search on google.

      • I need help I think I have a good idea for a character for this show but I don’t know how to get it on the show please help me

    • Bring back the winners ?well the illuminati is a. Very old group made in Egypt and In the movie angels and demons they defeated the illuminati and they might be saying bring us back k let us show out selfs

      • Well actually backwards it says “three letters back” and if you look at the pic of that pyramid with the top hat, to the left there is a code. If you take each letter in that code three letters back, it spells ” stan is not what he seems”. Also, at the end of the credits of every episode there is always a “3 letteres back code” that you can solve.

      • It’s funny how anything, it seems like, can be directed to illuminati. (Btw it says “3 Letters Back” as a code decoder for the secret hidden messages everywhere. Therefore, your theory makes no sense.)

      • sorry to say, but angels and demons isn’t actually factual. although the illuminati did exist at one point, they no longer exist now. also, the illuminati were made by hitler, they were not started in egypt. please research your topic before you make an argument.

      • man guys before illumanati it was the all seeingeye of God dont litsen to this guy he doesnt know what hes talking abot by the way im 13 and I know alot

    • Forward it whispers “I am still here”reversed” three letters back” there is a cryptogram during the credits of each episode. They use a Caesar cipher with a shift of 3, i.e., the letters are shifted 3 places down. A becomes X, B becomes Y, and so on for more info visit the site: http://gravityfalls.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_cryptograms. hope that helped.

    • It says three letters back if you play the song backwards. At the end of each episode in the credits a line of letters pop up while others are distracted by the cartoon in the credits. For example in the first episode when translated it said “Stan is not what he seems”. Hope I could help.

    • No… it’s says “Three letters back” it means the Caesarian Code. Because there’s a Cipher that fans can decipher in the credits.

    • It’s actually “three letters back”. At the end of the episodes, there a several letters. If you go three letters back on each letter, you’ll end up with a sentence.They’re gags and hints to what’s coming up in the show. For example, the first episode is, “Stan is not what he seems”.
      Interesting, no?

      • yeah we already should of guessed stan is not he seems when he opened up that soda machine and went inside of it and the tatoo on his back and how bill and him had a past and alot of other things

    • The whisper says three letters back. It’s a clue to solving the mystery of gravity falls. In the page of the book with all the symbols flashing for a split second in the intro, there are some random letters. Take those letters, go three letters back in the abcs, and decide. You will get “Stan is not what he seems.” also there are letters in the the credits.

    • what we are suppose to do is play the ending of the theme song backwards and it says “Three Letters Back” its a code to unlock the code at the end of every show

    • Actually I think it says three letters back as suggested by Wikipedia in the ceaser cipher used by Julius ceaser for decoding and creating messages. Creepy isn’t it

    • I read an article that said if you played it in reverse, it actually says, “Three letters back” which refers to a crypogram of some sort the producers want you to solve. It’s actually one of the “secrets of the show”, apparently. So yea.

    • It’s “Stan isn’t what he seems.”

      ALso on a nother note, the whole show is about the main characters UNCOVERING an illuminati-like presence. That’s what it is blatantly about. It’s not a secret. That is the plot-line of the show.

      • Thank you! My thing is, ion know why everyone is all over the internet talking about this Illuminati shit. Some say they were good, others say evil, some say they are a dead group no longer active; and some say they are still active. My thing is, and think with me here; if their intentions were mind control and NWO then wouldn’t they have done it already? That’s my thing. There are so many things online about evil this and that and this will happen in a few months and when the date for that big event that is to destroy the world or america comes, it never happens.

      • As a fan of the show, the creator, Alex Hirsh put the illuminati nonsense in randomly for Illuminati-obssessed rabids. The plot is about The Uncle (Stan) creating a portal so his brother can come back. The cartoony-illuminati is Bill Cipher, the dream demon.
        The whole thing is a mystery about why Stan’s brother wrote the journals.

    • It actually says 3 words back which is back words 3 and that’s an e but that’s as far as I got and I’m 14. I stopped watching it they got so evil. I think the e is for the eye symbol right?

    • its not bring winners back its three letters back which means at the end of every show theres codes and a video to distract you from the show and for every letter go three letters back and then you got your codes i know the first episode is welcome to gravity falls

    • Actually it says 3 letters back when reversed and when forward it is Im still here
      The three letter back thing is for the decodable letter at the end in the credits
      They are little Easter eggs

    • No, what the message says is “Three letters back”. meaning at the end of each episode their is a secret message that to us looks like gibberish but when using the code brings out some funny eastereggs.

    • Actually, it says three letters back
      It says it backwards
      It’s the code for the cipher
      And the character is called Bill cipher

    • Disney has been up to polluting our children from its inception. I’ve seen the pictures of Walt in his silly Masonry garb. He was above 33rd degree. Masonry is a Luciferian religion. Disney has rampant portrayals of these symbols in this show. They are what he was. Devil worshipping kaka eaters!

    • son it’s im still here, and if played backwards, will be “three letters back”, which is the key to deciphering the ciphers hidden in each episodes. also the whispers vary as the show goes on

    • What is wrong with you all. Gravity falls is NOT illuminati. Its all just symbolism for the sake of being mysterious. The triangle guy in that scene IS a cartoon character, Bill Cipher. Its full of codes and stuff like that. People today.

    • May I just shed some light, i am sure some people know this, but the ending whispers are codes for the audience to crack. Each ending there is a new one to foreshadow the next episode and other events. The triangle (Bill Cipher) is not hidden, Disney is not trying to hide the symbols, you are supposed to notice the flash at the end. The director (Alex Hirsch) put the symbol in their to mess with conspiracy theorists. The triangle is a main antagonist, and the wheel of symbols surrounding him represents characters that need to unite to stop him. As for all the symbols spread everywhere, it is supposed to represent the antagonist watching their moves, this is just one of his many powers. He waits for an opportunity to present itself before making a deal to try and get to the real world. The show also has family morals, but has some slight adult jokes that are supposed to go over kids heads, it is designed for roughly 10+ A lot of adults and teens watch this show as well. The show is revolved around “Mystery” as it’s genre. The “Three letters back” is telling you how the code works. The show revolves around historical conspiracies and a mix of various magical creatures to the paranormal like unicorns, gnomes, aliens, shape shifters, frozen dinosaurs. It’s funny because fans have to hunt for Easter eggs within the show, the smallest symbol or picture could mean something and contribute as a hint to the major developing plot. The main casting twins are complete opposites of each other but love their family no matter how angry they get. Secret allies of the past and fun relationships is what makes this a great concept for kids. Many families sit down to watch this, good entertainment for kids and touches a stroke with adults. But yeah, the illuminati might be a little too much, but they don’t throw the symbols in there for no reason.

  2. Hi I’m Olivia and I’m 11 years old. I know tons of things about the illuminati.when. I saw this show I was very surprised. When I saw all the piramids,eyes,stars and that goat I was totally shocked! I told my friend Ebelin about this she was surprised also.disny channel is now out of controll! Idk what to do now the only reason I watch the show is to find illuminati symbols.myother friend nydia are illuminati Experts and when I tell her gravity falls she will me wowed . So that’s all I have to say but trust me this show is pure evil

      • Its not a good or bad thing like in my school kids think its cool to do the symb and take pics
        im 13

      • That’s called “Damage Control”. How does using the same symbolism that the entire media industry uses somehow dismiss their use of symbolism just because their show is “about conspiracies (when it’s really not)”? It doesn’t matter if they admit to it. Disney put their favorite symbols most heavily in this show to see how much of a reaction it would get. The more obvious they are, the bigger the reaction. So why do it at all? Why do they use this same symbolism in all their shows? It has absolutely nothing to do with the plot.

      • The show isn’t evil. The reason why Alex Hirsh (The Creator) put the illuminati signs everywhere is so we can make fun of illuminati-obssessed rabid fools who spend their lives trying to find Illuminati.
        Yes I do know the evil of this society, but still. The main antagonist, Bill Cipher s portrayed as the Eye Of Providence to symbolize the Illuminati’s affect on the world. The creator said he was looking for an evil sign to put as a villain, so he chose God’s Eye.

    • That`s amazing!, wish I had known/realised things when I was younger. I have freinds my age (i`m not that old:) ) who have no idea about any of this and think i`m crazy when I try to educate them on things.

      • my dear,Jesus said that God reveals these secretes to the unlearned…..those who think they can see are really blind,they rely on their wisdom,which is foolishness…just pray for them,thats the duty of a good friend….just say…LORD, that they may see

      • Sorry to say this, but i’m not christian. I’m Buddhist, so this has no meaning in my religion. Still, I know the Illuminati’s evils and terrors.

    • This is so crazy im eleven. The goat i believe is the lamb of god but this is crazy. Go on google and type in goofys illuminatti skate board and you will see him holding a skate board an eye on it. I always hated and disliked this show i am going to shere this with my friends because this is crazy.

      • the goat is baphomet. The demon the Illuminati worship. complete opposite to lamb of god dude

      • the only interesting thing about it is these people think we are stupid enough to not see this im 12 years old im pretty sure a triangle is not supposed to have a eye in it :/

    • am so happy to know that little children are now aware of they evil going on in the world today….may GOD be your strength

    • Hahahahahaha It’s about an illuminati type secrets of a higher power controlling the town seen in the episode with the 8 and 1/2 president where an unknown person told the police to stop the twins finding out about him, the higher power failed. So no it’s not evil
      P.s nobody is an “illuminati expert” less they themselves are in it and know exactly what happens. Not knowing theories

    • Ilivia im 11 year old boy. I know all about every thing from scaler waves to chemtrails. Walt disney was with the free masons

    • Gravity Falls is NOT illuminati. Mystery. By the way, this show is for more mature audiences. Search up Gravity falls jokes. Smile Dip (meth), Witches be trippin and fully dressed women are an example.
      PS I can swear for real is my favourite.

    • You’re going to have to elaborate, or screenshot it. I’m not understanding which video you’re talking about. I looked at the ones in the blog but there wasn’t anything there.

      • The thing that flashes after the intro, in the ceasar code one of them say “Stan is not who he seems” There are other cool little tidbits on that page, numbers. codes in binary etc.

  3. watching this episode right now and saw a preview for the next episode about a kid “magician”. His main symbol looks like the order of the eastern star right side up (similar colors). Have you also seen this extremely ridiculous (and scary for kids) show called my babysitter’s a vampire?! It has such an EVIL and dark vibe, i’m just speechless that it would be on a channel like disney. They are getting BOLD and their deep evil is showing because they are now targeting kids very blatantly with their evil propaganda. I really think the next big even on the agenda is going to happen at the olympics. I already heard a report that al qeada might be planning an attack on London during the Olympics. Scapegoats in place 😦

    • Stfu. You are not. Just because you know a few symbols and read an article or two does not give you the right to title yourself “an expert”. Go home kid.

      • Fuck you and be nice no matter age or experience.
        Otherwise, kudos to everything mentioned. Gravity Falls IS the illuminati, the whole plot, the characters, the messages, sugared coded in rainbows. FML I wish I could save every soul whos eyes will burn watching this.

    • Okay dude ur like 12 right? u r a fucking kid. Go outside and spend your childhood like it should be. Have fun and enjoy life instead of worrying about this illuminati thing. It might be real and it might not be. life is too short to care about these kind of things, and before u kno it your childhood will fly right past you and ur gonna wish u hadnt spent it worrying about some conspiracy shit. just chill out n lay back. Enjoy what life has to offer. The illuminati may o may not be real, but even it is so what? I seem to be missing the point here but honestly what can they do to harm us? Srsly i thought the real illuminati died out a long ass time ago. What are kanye west, jay z, lady gaga, gravity falls and all these other “illuminati”gonna do to hurt me? Absolutely nothing. Quit worrying about this stupid illuminati shit bro and enjoy ur childhood now cuz u only have one.

      • No he is right to study the illuminati, this is a blog where we BELIEVE the illuminati is real! Yes outsiders ARE welcome but don’t boss other people around because is young! Questioning wether there is or isn’t an illuminati is normal and I’m sure we’ve all done it, but your just being an ass about it. Either keep an open mind while you continue to explore this blog OR just leave!

    • First off im not bossing you Im advising u. U don’t have to take my advice but don’t get so butthurt about it. Second off i am not understanding one thing. if the illuminati exists, wtf can they do to me. Just plz answer me how in the world they could ever harm me? also can you plz tell me why you feel the illuminati exists.besides all these signs and images in media, there really isnt enough proof for me to believe there is an illuminati.

      • With all the toxins in food, I’d say we’re being harmed horribly. But that’s not to say it’s the Illuminati doing this. Personally, I don’t think the Illuminati itself is still around anymore. It’s most likely sub-groups of a larger group that shares the same ideals the Illuminati once had. Of course I can’t prove its physical existence, but I can prove to you that the Illuminati’s symbolism is still around, and it’s everywhere.
        If I was stinking rich, I’d be an investigative journalist and put a lot of things to rest. I truly wish I could..

    • I’ve Heard Of The Illumintai Long Time Ago But Didn’t Pay Any Attention To It Because I Was To Young To Understand But I’ve Been Studying. It For A While And No Matter What Show Of Gravity Falls I Have Recognized Illumiinati Symbols EveryWhere…….By The Way Imm 1Also

      • @Joseph B it’s funny you say “fuck you” to someone, and say that you wish to save every people souls.

  4. im no illuminati expert but i do know some of the sybolism and this article really got my thinking why the freemasons and illuminati place these symbols in plain sight i mean do they really want to just expose themselves and why doesnt the government stop them

    • I know right? I mean if the illumanati was real(such it most likely is no longer real) it wouldn’t reveal itself everywhere!
      It would not put the eyes in at all. It helps if you fucking think

  5. They control the goverment and placing symbols in plain sight is a game to them, plus i guess it`s a preconditioning to get used to seeing things like that. A bit like neuro-linguistics.

    • Hey i’m pretty new at this but I agree with you but what I was thinking was what if they are using these symbols to send messages to each other.

  6. Wowzers, a show about the paranormal has paranormal imagery in it?! Must be a conspiracy. All that stuff there is clearly is sign, it’s not like it was put there to fit in with the show’s theme or anything.

    • yeah, except these signs can be found in so many places that have nothing to do with the paranormal. I made excuses at first till there were just too MANY “coincidences” to make excuses for. It’s scary when you realize the type of truly evil world we live in.

      • The freemasons and illuminati put these symbols out there to scare, and warn us. Thats why we need to IGNORE them. How about we not relize what a evil world we live in and just live our life? Were all getting to paranoid. The only problem here is that gravity falls is a KIDS SHOW and te illuminati is revealing this crap to children.

      • An evil world.. of cartoons? Really, I fail to see how putting pictures into a cartoon makes one truly evil.

        The show takes place in a building made to show off paranormal things. Every moment is paranormal.

      • IF it’s in the show, it has to do with the paranormal, so how can you say there are places in the show that have nothing to do with “paranormal”?

        Makes no sense.

      • The Disney sign looks a little like the all seing eye I don’t know why it looks like that to me but when you look a Horus eyes it looks like an older version of the Disney sign.

      • Dont say anything when you dont know what your talking about a pastop came to my church and talked alot about this so i understand and have been surfing the web for stufff like this

      • IF people are claiming that the “Illuminati” are “Satanic” & “Satan” is “not of this world” aka not normal to the world then “Satan” is “paranormal” & so are all things associated with “Him”.

  7. If Stan is not what he seems he must be in a cult. Can’t wait to see.. Also is this the first show on Disney channel that expresses the all seeing eye?

  8. What an idiot. Its a show about creepy, paranormal happenings, and has a subtle conspiracy theme. And….. it has paranormal, “conspiracy” symbols in it. Hot damn, you must be on to something.

      • This does seem a bit paranoid to me. I mean, the show contains these symbols yes, and how exactly does it effect people when they see the symbolism? In short, it doesn’t effect anyone, and serves no purpose in the show exept to be related to the plot, a plot, I remind you, that is all about the paranormal, as well as conspiracy theories, which feature as an undertone of the plot, and the idea of the Illuminati being real, which is in itself, just a theory based primarily on the interpretation of symbols that feature in day to day society, means that it features as a part of the mystery in the plot. As for those saying that their is no mystery, the ciphers in the credits, as well as the show being renewed for a second series, suggest to me that the plot will be continued, and by extension, the symbols and their purpose will be explained in the story, one way or another.

      • It’s the creator poking fun at paranoid Conspiracy Theorist.

        You ask yourself why there are so many “Illuminati” symbols or “subliminal sex” symbols in Disney cartoons & movies?

        Ask yourself who are the animators of these shows.
        I’m not talking about the sweat shops that they send the already drawn pics to be colored…I’m talking about the original artists.

        These guys are in their late teens/ early twenties & they love nothing more to screw with people’s heads & have some laughs.
        They feed off of your “paranoia” & THAT is why they are so blatant about it.

  9. Guys, what if not a tool of the illuminati for indoctrination etc, but a warning? Think about it, why else would it be so blatantly obvious?

  10. This show is about paranormal stuff etc. Of course they are going to have strange symbols etc.This show references the old show Twin Peaks many times. Just because a show is about occult stuff, doesn’t mean it is occult.

    • You can say that but it is still family and Disney they are putting this on come on. Don’t mean to sound rude… Honestly. The world isn’t a real safe place, filled with secrets.

      • Nah, it’s all a big joke to get people riled up.
        Besides, Disney didn’t ask to have the symbols in there, the man who created the show doesn’t directly work for them but he thought it would be funny for the slightly more mature audiences, he even states he was just poking fun and they literally mean nothing.

  11. Im actually really surprised 😮 I never really payed attention to the whole illuminati thing and I love this show lol. But yesterday my cousin started telling me how there’s so many illuminati things like in the show so I decided to look up it up and it makes so much sense :O But I still love the show lol Mabel’s cute(: It’s just strange and inappropriate for a Disney channel show. I’m glad my little sisters dont know about illuminati

    • You know what’s funny? Disney rejects bad words and people who have done bad things in the past they don’t want a bad message to be spread for them, but the signs they leave everywhere doing one thing bad is like doing everything bad. Might as well add the bad words… What is the difference really?

  12. I noticed all the imagery, it was so blantant I couldn’t help but notice. I filed a mental note and everytime my 5 year old watches it, I watch to, to see if I notice anymore symbols. The show is on right now, as I post this. The show coming on while I happened to be online prompted me to do a quick search just to see if anyone else had noticed it or said anything about it…and here I am. The imagery is so blantant they’re either doing it on purpose to mock people who notice these sorts of things (which is kind of odd in and of itself) OR the it’s serious and a more than a bit scary.

    • It’s the creator poking fun at paranoid Conspiracy Theorist.

      You ask yourself why there are so many “Illuminati” symbols or “subliminal sex” symbols in Disney cartoons & movies?

      Ask yourself who are the animators of these shows.
      I’m not talking about the sweat shops that they send the already drawn pics to be colored…I’m talking about the original artists.

      These guys are in their late teens/ early twenties & they love nothing more to screw with people’s heads & have some laughs.
      They feed off of your “paranoia” & THAT is why they are so blatant about it.


      The creator of the show knows what he is doing.
      Some of you will go out & buy books, DVDs, & whatever else to find more “clues”.
      He’s profiting off of your FEAR & PARANOIA.

      There’s another organization that used this tactic 1,000s of years ago.

      It’s called “THE CHURCH”.

  13. I’m pretty sure it all has to do with the story line. Chill out, it’s only been 4 episodes. I’m pretty sure they’re gonna explain later. I thought it was a pretty good show. I thought Disney did pretty good with making a good show other than the crap they have now. Although, I think Cartoon Network should own the show. I don’t think they are trying to hide the symbols, they can all be connected to the show. I don’t think they’re trying to get kids to be into illuminati or whatever. With the eye and the pyramid, with the bow and a top hat, people say it could be like Abraham Lincoln, how he was the one that was melted. I don’t think Disney is trying to insult anybody or make anybody do a certain type of blah blah blah -_- whatever. There’s good reasons for certain symbols and stuff. (Am I repeating myself?) and blah blah blah “Stan is not what he seems” “3 Letters Back” blah blah. You probably know all that stuff since you clearly know everything else about the show. (Sarcasm. Funny.) I’m not trying to insult you, it’s just that this pissed me off a little. In the future, if it does seem to be illuminati, I will admit I was wrong. Good day. 🙂

    • Take into consideration that this is the whole world we’re talking about! Other than that I’m glad your not subbern about your beliefs like… Everyone xD

  14. Also, on another note, why can’t we just live where we don’t have to worry about stuff like this? Why can’t we just watch/do things in peace that don’t have to relate to “evil” or “religious” or anything else! DX sorry to all those who get “offended” by any of my posts. Feel free to reply 😀

    • I know it is so scary but there are so many bad things in this world! I wish I could trust but the things I did like tv let me down. My only trust is in God.

    • …because that is how we have been “programmed”.
      We are to LIVE IN FEAR of “Satan” & are to think of ourselves as PATHETIC, WORTHLESS, & HOPELESS, so we will seek out a “Cure”.

      It all goes back to “Snake Oil Salesmen” who try to sell you a “cure” for a non-existent disease.

  15. ALSO, (I sound like an annoying b**** now) the number 3 on the book with six fingers, the three is there for a reason. Not just coincidence. There’s three books with 6 fingers on it. Dipper has the third, Gideon has the second one, and it’s a mystery who has the first. And I’m most likely certain that the gnome/zombie (as Dipper thinks he is) was trying to look like a teenager, or look cool. Personally, I like the who cover on eye with your hair look. 🙂 but believe what you want. Who am I to tell you what you’re doing and saying and implying is completely retarded, dumb, and insane? Certainly not me, that’s not the type of person I am.

    • I guess that’s the way you dress but do yourself a favor and be carful what you watch and do because this is a weird world and remember God loves us and wants to lead us in the right direction as he does for you.

      • The illuminati was supposed to be a joke . The show revolves around historical conspiracies and a mix of various magical creatures to the paranormal like unicorns, gnomes, aliens, shape shifters, frozen dinosaurs. So it doesn’t promote anything bad, the only minor issue is that it gets people used to the symbol. That’s it though. And yes, God bless you too~

  16. You know it’s kind of scary you know I’m a kid and sometimes it makes me sad to know that I know this now. I just watched Handy manny and there was that calendary myan thingy and pictures of this kind of ugly guy sitting down. Maybe Disney junior is Illuminate and tree house after reading these things I’ve stopped watching family (Disney) What am I to do now even nickolodeon and even music I can’t watch anything with the most confident, confidence that I’m not watching evil in the making it’s SCARY I can’t do anything only read my bible and go to church. I guess that’s the way it is supposed to be. News 24/7! Unless…

    • Unless you are overreacting. Just because you watch that show you think the scary illuminati is coming to get you? I think not. I really cant wait to see how you face all of the other dirty things in the world like rape.

    • It’s impossible to avoid it, however, never ignore God. I hope your Christian because being Catholic is evil…

      • Being catholic is not evil. Evil people may hide as members of the Catholic Church but Catholicism is not evil. You sound like an absolute moron. Educate yourself before you spew your nonsense on the web. Catholicism is the one true religion and the only religion started by Jesus Christ himself. May The Lord have pity on you and hopefully provide you with some sense.

      • The real truth is in the Holly Orthodox Church. The so called Catholicism, with the heresy of Filioque (that is a trinitarian heresy added to the Credo of the first two Ecumenical Councils, heresy that generate the so called Great Schism) and the papal primacy left the Church in 1054. There is a split between the teachings of the Holly Orthodox (and, indeed, at that time,real Catholic-Orthodox Church) Roman Church before the Franc theological influence (starting with the 9th century) and after. There were Popes in the 9th century that officialy condamned the add of “and from the Son” (Filioque) in the Creed. Many Protestants enherited this heresy from the Papist Church…
        Also, the heresy of papal infailibility was dogmatised in the 19 century.

      • WOW!


        I was led to believe that Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, & Catholics were “Evil”.

        How can that be?



        It makes you a puppet allowing your strings to be pulled & manipulated.

        You need to do some actual research “outside the box” & learn for yourself.

        Ever wonder why Jesus is called the “Son” SUN OF GOD?

        You’re being duped into believing that these stories are more than just allegory of the SUN & the Universe.

        Do some research & see all the pieces fall into place.

        Let’s not forget why Copernicus was threatened with Death.
        He tried to convince the Church that the Sun DOES NOT revolve around the Earth, & that makes the Sun the center of the universe…not us.

        The (REAL) Illuminati had similar views & had to meet in secret to discuss these things for fear of death.

        THINK for yourself…don’t let a BOOK do it for you.

    • Listen to contemporary Christian music. 🙂 It’s actually good… & about the only music left that isn’t full of convoluted evil crap. Our whole media is obsessed with satan -_- and soo many of this generation have been tricked into thinking he doesn’t even exist… which is one of the biggest deceptions by the great deceiver ever! Meanwhile every destructive and evil thing is glorified anymore, in music, tv, etc… And the masses just eat it up and think all of the devilish stuff is cool and just a joke, & life is just a big random mishap so just do whatever you want there’s no God and no consequences to our actions, do whatever it takes to get what you like ? no matter who you hurt (including yourself)… That is the Farthest thing from the truth, but see that is what the devil wants people to believe- his lies… and they have. 😦 & his entire reason for this is to keep as many people from having a relationship with God as He can! because he has absolutely no power on the soul of a born-again Christian- they’re soul is God’s already. he has no power because we are covered in the blood of the lamb! Btw that is why the goat is bad, it is supposed to be a mockery of the lamb of God. God is a 100% True.. I know because I have a relationship with Him. ❤ I've been saved by Jesus Christ and I'm now a child of God's. 🙂 I've seen Him move, answer prayers, He's made miracles happen that I've witnessed myself, and He just gives me total peace and fullness of joy! ❤ We should continue to pray for those people who just Don't Know, they've bought into the satan's lies. The truth is this world Needs God! but instead people keep making for themselves counterfeit God's, and counterfeit short-lived happiness- drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, fame, money…….. That's why they are never satisfied and keep having to go back for more. Hollywood needs Jesus BAD. We need to pray as many people as possible can get out of that 'devil's playground' and get saved!! & find truth and life that is Jesus (John 14:6) & the never-failing peace and fullness of joy in our Creator's presence. God loves every human So (John 3:16).. And wants a relationship with every person so much He sent His only son Jesus to die for us, while we were still sinners… To pay the penalty for our sins, so we could be reconciled with God.- The one living & true God. ❤ Also other religions are more lies to keep people from God, more deception and confusion created by the author of confusion himself- satan. God will smite him and all evil down in the end though… For right now people need to start choosing what side they are on, God or the devil's. You can't serve two masters. God sends no one to hell, you have free will and actually you choose where you will go after you die… you either choose God or you don't while you're here on earth.. And if you choose God and you believe in Jesus & you're born again (John 3:7) you will be in heaven- which is God's complete presence. (Which is why it's so great because in His presence is peace and joy and love. God is love.) If someone does not choose God in this lifetime they will be eternally with their choice of not having God- hell (Hell is just the complete absence of God) …People need to start getting saved if they're not, because one never knows when they're time is up to choose or that grace period is up, a person could die at any minute or the rapture could happen. Because Jesus is coming back, and looking at how the world is today, I think we are very close. All this devilish stuff being as popular as it is, & all the wickedness in high places, as told in the Bible, is here. People need to start preparing if they are not ready for Christ's return b/c trust me the people that are not taken with Jesus will wish they were… & all people no matter how lost they are, from drugs to witchcraft, you name it, they just need Jesus and the forgiveness that cleanses us all! I pray for my generation, for this lost and dying world.. and for many that are lost to be found, in Jesus's sweet name, Amen.

      • Eh, i’m going to “Satan”. I’m not Christian. Not all other religions were created by this “Satan”, because i’m Buddhist, and I put my faith in Buddha, a person who existed and helped people tak back their sins. I still thank you for your guidance though. Have a nice evening, bye. 🙂

  17. I KNEW IT! I never watch the show but I just so happen to see the very beginning and I knew I saw a pyramid flash right before it started so I had to look it up.

  18. I think every single person here is a complete idiot. I mean everybody has their own opinion but i would like you to just sit back and think about what you’re doing here. You are overreacting to a fucking Disney cartoon. If you dont like it then why the fuck are you watching it? Seriously, you all are acting like children. People are just so afraid of change and that all big companies have to have no opinion what so ever. I bet if this cartoon was based off of Christianity nobody would really give a damn. Now I’m not saying the Illuminati is totally good but the Illuminati is a belief and there is no law against it so I dont see why you people really give a damn As to why a cartoon might be vased off of it. This is like the whole gay oreo incident, people just dont like to admit that they could be wrong so they fight for the most god dammned rediculous things. Like when people thought rock and roll was the devils music or when it was a sin to do anything on Sundays except go to church. People have the right to believe what they want and express it in any way they want to and that applies to companies as well. An evil cartoon? Hah. IF YOU DONT ENJOY HOW DISNEY CHANNEL WRITES THE CARTOON THEN DONT FUCKING WATCH IT.

    • Overreacting? No
      It’s a Disney cartoon, Disney has a long history with the illuminati (Walt being a 33 degree free mason.) We take the time to watch this because we try to warn others, to prove that there is a illuminati!

    • Overreacting? Did you not reread your comment? There is absolutely no reason to act like this. I know you’re afraid your reality is being questioned, which explains the aggressive outburst, but you shouldn’t be completely irrational about this. You’re right though, if there were Christianity symbols no one would give a damn (except Atheists of course). You know why? Because Christianity is based on good values, whereas the Illuminati are crazed individuals that only want destruction and complete control of this world. Where do you see that as a good thing? Also, this “belief” (it’s actually a plan based on beliefs) has been put to fruition for a very long time. You won’t see this if you look at the World through rose-tinted glasses like you’re trained to do.


      u mad?

      • My friends and I would sure as hell care if there was a show about christianity on Disney. That’s extremely inappropriate seeing as it’s supporting a certin religion and not another on a KIDS network. We are NOT atheist. I would not support a illuminati show nor a christian show.

    • “And watch your fxcking mouth you’re an idiot motherfxcka”

      How cute, you think by replacing a letter in a curse word with an “x” that it somehow makes it ok, & makes you “Holier Than Thou”?

      You claim to believe in “God”, & I assume you believe in his words?

      “As he loved cursing, so let it come unto him: as he delighted not in blessing, so let it be far from him.”
      -Psalm 109-17

      Just saying.

      • sorry my dear brother…..i studied physics……please if you have problems with GOD,come lets have a private chat…seems you dont know him yet….lets have a date…

  19. Also in the first picture under the intro video the cash register reads “$6.18”; referencing “666”?(18/6 = 3 :: 6*6*6=18)

    • 6/18 is the creator of the show’s birthday, so that’s why they put that in there. Not to reference 666.

  20. Another thing, the pyrimid in the circle my reference Abraham Lincoln as implied by it’s tall top hat and bow tie

  21. not like i believe in all these illuminati shenanigans, but isnt it weird that nobody famous is denying that they are a part of the illuminati in some way? its like they show you a music video obviously filled with these symbols and everybody panicks and says that theyre illuminati and stuff and its not like theyre even denying it. it makes me wanna assume that the illuminati is not real or the illuminati is not controlling them and theyre only putting these illuminati symbols just so they gain that much attention. i mean just look at these. we are paying more attention that these show has a lot of symbols and the directors arent even doing anything. i mean, if someone famous did deny that they are a part of the illuminati, then itll make me think that the illuminati may be real.

    • “Famous people” deny it all the time, just so you know… Put in “denies illuminati” in Google and you’ll see several people that were accused denying the accusations. These same people never once acknowledge their use of the symbols, they only deny their connections.

  22. Hi I’m Omar I’m 14 years old but I start studying illuminati when I was eight. When I first saw this show I knew something was wrong with it I didn’t even have to see the show because they said this show was coming out and the first thing I saw was a wodden cabin with a triangle on it. But my princable doesn’t believing god but one day I saw him late at night going in a Masonic temple I was asking him the next day I saw you go In there and he said to me I can’t tell or there coming after you I ran home scared but it was crazie because the next day he wasnt there but all I’m saying that if something haplenty we all need to combine and destroy the illuminati even Muslims but they didn’t plan 911 the government did because 911 as a police emergency and 911 that us people the goverment call muslims tourist what something they didn’t do just think about it I’m young but I know a lot

  23. Hi I’m Omar I’m 14 years old but I start studying illuminati when I was eight. When I first saw this show I knew something was wrong with it I didn’t even have to see the show because they said this show was coming out and the first thing I saw was a wodden cabin with a triangle on it. But my princable doesn’t believing god but one day I saw him late at night going in a Masonic temple I was asking him the next day I saw you go In there and he said to me I can’t tell or there coming after you I ran home scared but it was crazie because the next day he wasnt there but all I’m saying that if something haplenty we all need to combine and destroy the illuminati even Muslims but they didn’t plan 911 the government did because 911 as a police emergency and 911 that us people the goverment call muslims tourist what something they didn’t do just think about it I’m young but I know a lot

  24. This show, like all illuminati symbolism, is about conditioning. It’s hidden in plain view so that we instantly recognise it and start asking questions. It is like how we recognise logos. So the bigger question is NOT what are they trying to say with each symbol? That misses the point entirely. The bigger question is what is the intended conditioned response to these images? And the answer is fear and trepidation that a secret powerful government sponsored organisation is out to get you.

    You see they want you to oppose the illuminati. And when the antichrist system comes that will seem benovolent and good and oppose all such evil things, you will gladly jump on board to be free of this evil oppression, not knowing that this is the plan all along. In your interest to be free of an illuminati New World Order, you readily accept a new world order that you approve of, which the illuminati has designed.

    To understand the root of the deception you must understand biblical prophecy. Satan comes as an angel of light.

  25. Okay, here’s what I think. This is NOT some kind of hidden indoctrination or something in the sense that these images are placed there as a part of the story. I’m speculating a bit, but if “Stan is not what he seems,” and his house is full of freemason symbols, then the show is clearly acknowledging that the character Stan is meant to be a freemason and this ties directly into the story filled with occult imagery and paranormal activity. Now the question is how far Disney would go with this. They’ve made it clear that he is in fact a freemason if you look into the clues they give you.

    The other point, about Disney putting subliminal messages into their programming as some form of indoctrination. I won’t argue whether or not I agree with this fact, but in the case of this show it seems to me that the symbolism in the show is REALLY obvious. I’m not much of a conspiracy theory at all and I got a very clear ‘illuminati’ vibe simply from the show’s theme. In other words I think they want you to notice it. Because Stan’s culthood is part of the show’s outerlying mystery for you to solve. The cipher clues and backwards messages reveal a part of the story that viewers will get to solve, which I personally find ti be rather genius, though admittedly a bit bold for Disney

    • I agree there isn’t anything subliminal about these images. They are intended to be obvious and get noticed, but have the “appearance” that they were trying to be subliminal.

      The result is blogs and discussions like this one. Why would a group such as the illuminati want to tip their hands, so that people will oppose them. Because its a catalyst for change. All major global change is preceded by world strife. World war one brought us the “league” of Nations. World war two brought us “United” Nations. World war three will bring us “One” Nation under god (aka the antichrist).

      The purpose of the illuminati is to help rise to power horrific world leaders who commit atrocities so great that all that oppose them are called “good”. This good reaction is their plan all along. The result is a worldly system that the majority embrace which praises lucifer and rejects a spirit filled God.

  26. i was watching this show because im twelve and it WAS my favorite show! untill i saw a little thing at the end of the theme song EVERY TIME! and it was driving me crazy so my friend and i looked it up! i found this site and this was exactly what i was doin my independent middle school report on, the illuminati! so thank you very much!

  27. the code on the mystery shack game in like the one’s on the show and it said “Ever noticed Stan’s tattoo?”

  28. This is unbelievable! Did you guys notice the Disney logo has “666” in it?! One 6 is in the “D”, the second is in the “I”, the third is in the “E”. Disney has gone too far!

  29. This is actually helPful although i think that the symbolysm plays a big role in this series and know i DO NOT think grunkle stan is bigfoot! I mean seriously who started that silly rumor?

  30. Well, I agree with you and the people spending energy defending a cartoon show lol. I tend to think that some people just overexaggerate to where I dont care anymore.
    Yes, I like the show, and yes, I wonder about the symbols. But at the same time, as long as my family and younger siblings are aware of what’s goin on in the world, I don’t give it much thought.

    I don’t want to focus on it a lot either and be in fear since I know God have given me the talents to be an animator. I want to focus on pleasing God and helping others, not some cult or other dirt in the world. Just like you, as much as id like to warn others, not eveyone is going to listen. We just gotta move on and let God take care of it.
    Illuminati can come at me when I hit those animation studios, lol but I won’t join them nor let my fear stop me from what I gotta do. And sometimes, not everything is tainted like it seems.
    We can not know 100% sure yet if its real or if Satan uses this idea to distract our focus.
    Live happy !! Bless you!

  31. The illuminati R REAL! They worship Satan! They are Evil and there is no way to escape them this world will be let into Chaos bcuz of there idoitic ways! There everywhere! They will do everything to harm u they want to take you down to hell with them.You should be paranoided unless you believe in the True and only God and accepted Jesus Chirst then You shouldnt Be bcuz from there he will take care of you and not left here in the Great Tribulation to suffer and thrown into the Lake Of Fire!Do God a Favor and Pray to Him

      • Havent been on this in a while but anyway if your their I got one proof have u ever heard of fossils been found on Mountains or how the Grand Canyon was Formed? That proves that there was a flood that covered the earth once just like in the story of Noah. But I really dont got nothing else….or Hey how about u kill yourself and try to tell me what happened? Lol Really Dont Do, it you might not get a second chance.

  32. Since i first watched this show i knew it was illuminati because of the triangles and everything but i never gave it alot of thought because i sorta liked the show because it was funny. Now im reading of the ‘666’ and even more symbolism and i dont think i will watch it again. Its my brother’s favorite show and i dont know what to tell him now. I dont know what’s going on but i hope they explain it later and it is NOT illuminati, but something to prevent it.

  33. The book has six fingered hand with a three on it come on do the math The Mark of the beast. Its not a coincidence that all of the symbolism is in this show.. But if you haven’t noticed its literally on every cartoon show and everything you watch or see in a magazine or fast food restaurants. The show is making fun of the people who are discovering all of these things but in all honesty its disgusting and i feel as humans we need to stop supporting these types of things immediately or you can get caught up thinking its JUST A CARTOON.. Life is not a joke so take it serious who cares if its on T.V. turn it off!!!

    • I was going to as a joke ask if you thought Harry Potter was Satanic, but then I remembered that many people do think so.

      This show is not disgusting.

      In a way, the media does use symbols to control people. It’s called advertising.

  34. If I was going to make a show about conspiracy theories I would probably throw a lot of conspiracy symbolism in there too. Kind of like how X-Files had references to aliens and stuff…because that’s what the show was about.

  35. All this isnt funny, its not a laughing matter. Its true that they make it so damn obvious and i wonder why but i completely believe the illuminati exists. If u look at everything not just gravity falls, symbols are there! Obey clothing? Katy perrys wide awake music video? all illuminati. I agree we shuld enjoy life but be wary of ur sorroundings and what u agree to especially if its production like music, cartoons, acting etc. Just pray to our lord and youll be okay he wont let u get hurt, hell point u in the right direction.

    • “OBEY” comes from George Orwells’s “1984”

      People of today are using the “Big Brother” paranoia to make money.

  36. This crap is freaky.Me and my friend were trying to see what was going on so as we kept on finding more and more clues it got freakyer.What does the triangle symbol mean?

  37. I wonder why the illuminati is letting this show still air on live television. if they wanted these things to be secret then there doing a horrible job at it.

    • I think this theory is ridiculous.

      However I believe the view is that exposing Illuminati symbols will have children used to seeing them.

      Why the Illuminati needs to worry about people thinking their symbols are weird, beyond me.

  38. You want there to be a conspiracy because you want order in this world, and you want to feel important and give meaning to your life by sharing in the discovery of mysteries which do not exist. But the world is not orderly, and it cannot be controlled by man. It is your fear of an uncontrolled world, a fear of uncertainty and the unknown, that has led you to your delusional, paranoid state of mind.

    What if a kids show had an inverted pentagram, or an inverted cross, or a swastika in it? Would you automatically call the show evil? If so, you’re a fool. You fear what you don’t understand, and you sure don’t understand what these symbols mean, or what they mean in the context of the show. You’re like Romans looking at the early Christians, fearing and yelling at no one, except your own ignorance and paranoia.

    • Testify! Really, at this point they think a TV Show either is run by the Illuminati, evidenced by the symbols, or run by the Illuminati but now showing it.

      • Are you being sarcastic? I was explaining why believing in conspiracies is nonsense. Believing that any one group controls the media is also nonsense.

    • Right.. I WANT there to be a conspiracy, god, I can’t believe you figured me out! I WANT there to be GMO foods sterilizing everybody and not one person doing a damn thing about it, instead the head of Monsanto gets to be the head of the FDA oh I want this sooo bad. I WANT there to be symbolism in every god forsaken Disney show because it’s just so… cool..? No, really, do you even know what the hell you’re talking about? Did you do any research on any of these subjects? (That’s a rhetorical question, I already know you didn’t)

      I’ve grown tired of showing people the obvious. There’s far too much evidence that now it just becomes a matter of denial and nothing more. Great, you don’t agree with anything, so why do I need to read your unoriginal insults? Who are you trying to convince here?

    • Amen, thinking that this show is evil just shows how oblivious people are to the actual show. “Err mah gerd! Illuminati!”
      No shit Sherlock, this show is about strange occult / paranormal occurrences. These are not subliminal messages, it’s part of the plot. And who gives a shit about ‘evil symbols’ anyway? “Oh no! My children have seen triangles with an eye on top! Lord have mercy!”.

      Subliminal means it is supposed to be processed on a subconscious level, but there are no ‘subliminal’ messages in this show because all that shit you pointed out is designed to be seen. Maybe not straight away, but it is designed to be seen eventually (after the story arc has been completed and everything makes sense?)

      Believe it or not, not everyone in the world are evil sadistic bastards who are brainwashing children. Maybe if you just took your foil-hat for once you could look at things creatively, not viciously.

      • ..and yet another person who’s jimmies have been rustled.

        Look, I have never claimed these symbols are used as subliminal messages. That’s what other people claim, with no basis for it. I see it as a way for them to be arrogant as hell, all the while people like you will defend it as “creativity”. Yes, how original of them to be using the same symbols that everyone else uses in the Media, which originally are Freemason/Illuminati symbols. Oh but there’s no reason to question it because it’s just so obvious! No, it’s arrogance and that’s all it is. They know people depend on cognitive dissonance so much now that they just do anything. Disney is the worst when it comes to this.

        You guys are also wrong when you say these symbols are part of the plot. I’ve watched nearly every episode and not once are these symbols explained. Hell they won’t even mention Stan being part of a secret society (when he’s obviously a Freemason). The plot literally revolves around the same Disney bullshit over and over again. ohh he likes this girl, ohh Mable is being kooky again, ohh this is so creative look at them throwing every Illuminati symbol known yes creativity at its finest.

        I’ll admit, you guys are great at dismissing the symbolism of this show (because it’s obvious that means it’s creative) – but what about every other Disney show? What about celebrities using the same symbolism? Are they creative too? Is it part of their plot?

        Let me repeat this again before I get another response about it: These symbols are not meant to be subliminal messages. They are meant to intimidate people. They are meant to show the ones that are aware that they’re arrogant and no one will do anything about it. It’s a fear tactic and it works.

      • …but you have to understand that these people have been “programmed” INDOCTRINATED
        into believing that “Satan” is out to get you! …& they ONLY thing that will save you is “God”.

        A “God” that needs your money(for whatever reason).

        “Religion is regarded by the common people as true,
        by the wise as false,
        and by the rulers as useful.”

        -Lucius Annaeus Seneca

  39. I’m 13 and a very strong Christian. I found this show very amusing! But one day I was watching and I noticed a picture flash by in the into, right after ‘Gravity Falls’ is displayed. I could have sworn I saw an illuminati, all seeing eye. I thought I was imagining things. I saw it again. I got suspicious and looked it up. Turns out I was right. And no, Gruncle Stan is NOT what he seems.

  40. I can’t believe you spent all your time creating this post lol First place, I don’t consider this show a kids show(not ONLY FOR CHILDREN at least). Like people said, “why it would be so obvious if that means something?”. And if does, what could you do? Hollow Earth theory, Aliens theory, Apocalypse theory(12/21/2012), Illuminati conspiracy. I would love to see the apocalypse(something with meteors, for example), Aliens or that the Hollow Earth to be true. But really, if they(or some) are, what you people can do? You are just looking for something to be worried about.

  41. Im just saying i know people who are part of the Illuminati and its NOT satanic or evil so stfu all those ppl help others Gravity falls though is satanic it contains alot of Free masonary symbolism like the eastern star the international order of the rainbow girls (look at mabel) but there is something very sinister and evil about gravity falls

  42. Hmmm The picture with the Star of David. That symbol must mean something with the synagogue of Satan since this is the illuminati behind Gravity Falls.

    • The “Synogogue of Satan” is just another fictional group created to instill FEAR into SHEEP, who don’t THINK for themselves!

  43. Let me clear this up a bit. The whisper you hear played backwards says, “3 letters back.” In fact, after episode 7, it changed to “Switch A to Z.” And if decoded properly, turns out to be “Stan is not what he seems.” Yes this show has a lot of illuminati symbolism, but that was ALL INTENTIONAL for the plot of the story.

    Haven’t you noticed that the twins were sent to the Mystery Shack, that’s chop full of eyeballs ad symbols, to stay for the summer and decipher all of these “mysteries” yet little do they know that the mystery is RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSE? How ironic, right? Yes, there is TONS of symbolism, but it’s used to reveal the plot- Stan is not what he seems, he is the reason for all of the happenings in Gravity Falls and he is the main villain of the story. Who ever wrote that book is trying to warn Dipper, Mabel, heck everyone in Gravity Falls of the danger, hence the message from book “Trust no one.” I.E., “Stan is not what he seems.” Do the math, if you look at that image that’s “flashed” in the opening, and you do some digging, all of those symbols surrounding the “eye-triangle dude” (we’ll call him that for now) can be found ON THE CHARACTERS THEMSELVES. Last time I checked, didn’t we see those same llamas and shooting stars on MABEL’S SWEATERS? Or that tree on DIPPER’S HAT? How about the stitched heart on ROBBIE’S HOODIE and even the question mark on SOOS’ SHIRT? Alex Hirsch KNEW what he was doing making this show. Instead of villainy, Alex is using the main characters to EXPOSE the horrible, mason truths that are hidden in Gravity Falls, RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSES.

    Hope this clears things up. Need more proof? Look up “Gravity falls stan is not what he seems” on Google.

  44. It actually says 3 letters back, which applies to the end credits. At the end of the credits there will be a secret message and for each letter in the message you must go three letters back in the alphabet, so like for example:

    C FYP would be A CAR. Get it?

  45. look at the cash register in the one of the pictures..there is $ 6.18..and next in the one of the pages in the book we can see June 18 ( 6.18) What does it mean???

  46. Why in the world does every triangle HAVE to relate to the illuminati? This is literary insane and a waste of time that ya’ll are picking at every triangle/eye/or symbol and saying it’s illuminati. Ya’ll are turning against Disney, the government, everything just from something you see. If you we’re blind, maybe you would like the show better. Maybe the world better. But ya’ll can yip yap all you want about this, because this is just another crazy false accusation of gravity falls. I’m a firm believer of Jesus Christ, and I also believe that young kids like mine shouldn’t judge triangles and scare themselves by believing the illuminati is real, cause its not.

    • That is why because everyone is blind, we need to open our eyes. I am 12 years old and I reaserch the illuminati a lot, so do a lot of kids. And if they were just all triangles we wouldn’t make a fuss! Butt y would Disney hide it(intro) it is the eye in the triangle in the form of the Mayan callendar open your eyes!!!

      • Isn’t it possible that the creators of this show, like most people, don’t believe in the Illuminati and just thought it would be fun to make a lot of references to secret societies because it’s a cartoon about conspiracies and the supernatural? There is more to seeing than merely opening one’s eyes.

  47. I am also 12 years old and i have been researching the Illuminati a lot lately. With Adventure Time and Gravity Falls being my favorite shows, i just recently started observing the symbolism is both shows, which are both fairly popular shows. I have come to a conclusion that there is some reason that Disney is including so much of this in one of their most popular shows at the moment. The all seeing eye appears in Adventure Time and Gravity Falls an abundance of times. It occurs in every other episode at the least. I personally would like to find out what it all means. And yes at the end the whispers are “Three Letters Back…”

  48. Look.. The price on the cash register is 6.18 , wich is June 18th. And look at one of the pictures of the inside of the book. The date written on the page is June 18th. Creeeepy. I wonder if something big is going to happen that day. Or is there another meaning someone here knows, lol? Mabye im going crazy. But I think its a sign. Why June 18th? I love this stuff.

      • i hope to see this laugh on your face bro when the jar breaks………read quantum mechanics and discover more

    • And have you ever notice if you rearrange Obama you get amabo. Stan’s a common name, probably short for Stanley. Don’t assume every combination of letters is a secret riddle

  49. Here’s a thought, & you can dismiss it…however by doing so you’ll be dismissing a very possible conspiracy theory.

    Let’s first look back at when the talk of the “Illuminati” became popular.
    Very few people had even heard of the actual Illuminati from 1776 until Dan Brown wrote his books.
    Yes, we have always mistrusted our government, but until then we just called it “Shadow Government”.

    Once “Angels & Demons” came out in book form, everyone immediately began crying “ILLUMINATI”!
    Now many of you claim to be “awake” & have open minds which allow you to see behind the curtain so to speak.
    If this is true….

    What if the plot of “Angels & Demons” actually wasn’t that far fetched?
    What if the “Church” (the one who is it’s own country) became panicked by the huge drop off of followers, & decided to recreate a group who they despised?

    I’m sure most of you know the plot of the book/movie…but for those who don’t, I’ll give you a brief synopsis.

    Basically the “Church” resurrected the “Illuminati” who was an enemy of the Church simply because it was a group of Freethinkers who did not buy into the obvious fallacies of the Bible. (much like the majority of us now)
    The Church brought back this group to put FEAR into people & give them a reason to hide under the protective blanket that the Church claims to provide.

    Ok, now back to the here & now…
    What if this is exactly what the “Church” of today is doing?
    They know they lost A LOT of people due to the child molesting & cover ups.
    They needed a good FEAR to make people want to embrace an organization that not only repulses many people due to their actions, but also a theology that A LOT of educated people have a hard time swallowing?

    Is it so far fetched to think that the “Church” could create a FEAR to keep it’s “flock” (sheep) in line?

    Again, this is just a THEORY, but then again, so are your “Satanic Disney” claims.

    Just something to THINK about.

  50. What ever all u r doing is making people not wanna watch this show…it is actually good..nd kids dont need to be worried about tht…all they should do os love this show…so watevs

  51. Long story short my bf and I caught this show on television tonight only because its the only channel that works during a tropical storm we are having here in HI. What the F’n F, within the first 3 mins of watching this the symbolism is off the charts!!! It’s terrible because I would have watched something like this when I was younger. Sick just sick.

    • Has no one watch the newest episode?! The triangle is named Bill Cipher, one of the main villains in the show! The reason he is hidden throughout the show is because he is watching everyone and everything in Gravity Falls!

  52. Look, here’s the issue with your last picture. That weird looking character at the end, is an actual character. His name is Bill, and he is a dream spirit. He has been hinted at through the entire show, since many believe he may be the reason things in the town are so weird. The eyes and other images that have to do with eyes (Except the owl clock, I don’t see your point there. Nor the fact that some of the characters have some defect with their eye) do not represent the illuminati, they are hinting at Bill.

    • In such a long thread, it’s hard to follow everything. But one thing I did read above was one of the refuting points the OP made was none of the symbols was used except to show it off.

      Well, introducing Bill. May I point out that the last scene of the season finale return to the mystery of Stan that also return too with the last scene of the season finale.

      You’re right of the counter-point that was made in something like June that the show wasn’t doing much with the symbols. The season was mostly character development driven by things like Dipper’s crush while mixing in with some kind of phenomena for the paranormal element while showing symbols without any direct interaction. Only the two-episode season finale that the symbols played in some kind of role – including the anthropomorphize and introduce as Bill in the next to last and revealing only a little more of Stan’s “not as he seems” in the last scene of the last episode.

      To be honest, that roughly as expect from a cartoon with announced target to roughly 10 years old. While they take a larger step than many with a hint to a larger plot than Scooby-Doo with its “Monster of episode” format, the show would still focus on self-contained, single episode possibly driving a character arc (like maybe Dipper to become more brave) but only hints and additions to the driving mystery. Shows like this may stick to a format of new plot progression to first, last, and maybe one in the middle of each season. Or become much more focus on the plot as the seasons passes. From what I get from the fandom, it’s maybe somewhere in the middle for season 2. That’s assuming you’ll watch that and even kept watching the last couple.

      One last thing I will ask is for you to Google: “Gravity Falls Stan’s Twin Brother Theory”. It seems some fans who been looking closely at the show and postulating its foreshowing. To me, from fandom analysis based by coded words, character trait and history revelations, and symbols to postulate theories – they aren’t just throwing symbols in front of faces as a display of arrogance to the helpless masses unable to avert eyes to such symbols. If I were to think conspiracy, it decrease sensitivity to symbols rather than generate fear.

      BTW, what I read, the creator said in interviews that he plan out the story to be told over 3 seasons.

  53. “Fuck you and be nice no matter age or experience.
    Otherwise, kudos to everything mentioned. Gravity Falls IS the illuminati, the whole plot, the characters, the messages, sugared coded in rainbows. FML I wish I could save every soul whos eyes will burn watching this.”

    Perhaps you need to SAVE YOURSELF first?
    …unless of course you don’t believe what the Bible says…

    “His mouth is full of cursing and deceit and fraud: under his tongue is mischief and vanity.”
    -Psalm 10:7

    “For the sin of their mouth and the words of their lips let them even be taken in their pride: and for cursing and lying which they speak.”
    -Psalm 59.12

    “As he loved cursing, so let it come unto him: as he delighted not in blessing, so let it be far from him.”
    -Psalm 109-17

  54. Gosh this irritates me. Before I saw all the Illuminati symbolism (I mean seriously guys, you don’t mind SHOVING this crap in our faces?) I was already creeped out and changed the channel since my son was watching, he immediately asked for it back. Then I see all of this and being a relatively new researcher on this topic (first heard of it through Dan Brown books and then a Facebook friend pointed a lot of disturbing things out to me), it makes me wonder just what they have planned. They obviously want people to know – otherwise why would these things be so obvious? Scares me how absolutely blind most people are. They give skepticism a whole new (dangerous) definition.

  55. Youd probably be suprised, but the illuminati is actually a benevolent organization, forced to stay underground to protect a cataclysmic secret. The symbols are actually masonic and possibly skull and bones society.

  56. Hi im 9-10 years old and I would like to say that all seeing eye with a top hat in the intro? I think his name his name is Billy or something? Well he was first seen in the episode Dreamskapers or something like that?

  57. interestingly, that triangle isn’t just some random illuminati symbol. his name is bill cipher, and he’S actually the series’s main villain. gravity falls is obviously a conspiracy theory show, as cryptograms and hidden messages are in literally every episode, but it’s not the illuminati, or the devil, or some random executive ploT.

    bill cipher is everywhere in gravity falls. The series foreshadOwed it from the day the first episode was aired, and now he’s in gravity falls.

    there’s no horrible brainwashing going on here.P

    it’s something much, much worse.

  58. The whole point of Gravity Falls is to engage the viewer. How better to do that than with satire. The whole thing is that Stan IS part of a secret organization, as is the entire town. The codes are to give the viewer something to do. How can you say they are embracing the Illuminati when the main antagonist is the illuminati symbol. Also, Freemasons are not illuminati. Finally, eyeballs are not being symbolic here. If someone mailed you an eyeball would you say, ” must be the illuminati “? No. You would scream because there’s an eyeball in an envelope. Disney is just adding a creepy touch to their show.

  59. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhahhhaaaaaaaaahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh

  60. you know guys this a a kids program !!!! stop bothering over it its is just a code or cipher . it is really sad how adults and stuff are spending forever to decode this shiz . all it relly is , is that don’t trust the chracaters especially stan . you people are scaring kids . it is just a cartoon with a creepy touch , kids love that . no satan , devil , eyeballs , or secret twins . just ebjoy it and stop worrying

  61. Wow people are stupid. Seeing a triangle or an eyeball doesn’t mean the illuminati. It’s there symbols. You see eyes on people and equilateral triangles in math but you don’t go around taking out peoples eyes or ban all trigonometry, this has no effect on anything. They use symbols to represent the the supernatural presence of the town and the fact that in the episode with the 8and 1/2 president how a mysterious person told the police to stop the twins from finding out about the cover up. So if anything the twins represent those who oppose the illuminati and want to find out more. The mystery shack is a fake store using symbols that are known through out the world because they are mysterious and can be sold as merchandise.

  62. The Triangle at the intro is really a cartoon character, he appears in Dreamscapers, his name is Bill Cipher.

  63. i always knew there was something about the Illuminati on this show. i love this show because i really like figuring out these mysteries. i read somewhere that the goat was a symbol involving the Illuminati and there’s always somehow a goat around The Mystery Shack. i’m only 13 but I’v researched a lot about Gravity Falls. Stan always has money and gold because he has some investment with Bill, the Illuminati “character”/symbol. I ant too know way more than this. This show is just amazing.

  64. Joseph P is a complete retard and if you don’t like the show write a damn letter to Disney channel and tell them that you don’t like the show you retards don’t talk about it do something about it you lazy ass idiot and when did this get to the topic of religion its a TV show just watch and enjoy it either you watch and enjoy it or you don’t watch it and do something about it. You can tell them to do something about the symbol but dont make them take off the SHOW

  65. LOL! Funny story just happend minutes ago to me. So I was just watching soccer on tv. During the break I was zapping through the channels. So I somehow stayed on the station that is now the German Disney Channel, with all the trashy children shows (Pair of Kings – that would give me headaches) and cartoons of course. It was definitely fate that just when I reached it after a short break, the opening credits of the of course to me unknown show “[Welcome to] Gravity Falls” started. I knowing that Disney uses symbols of course was looking extra careful. The eyes were obvious, the eyepatch. But I also noticed the last image that is just shown for like half a second that it was the pyramid+eye combination. The fez then made it obvious. Also the fez wearing uncle is called sAtan. But my final question is: Do you think these evidence are good enough that non-believers could be able to admit that it’s not just total random symbolism? Thanks for your work, I’ll search your blog now. God bless.

  66. Ok why does no one talk about Bill the guy in the pic that flashes up for a sec in the intro I mean he’s the main villain and btw Stan is a good guy he does what he has to to protect the twins plus alot of the “symbolism” is them hinting at Bill or a means for him to watch the little town of gravity falls

  67. Are you actually kidding me?! Makes him look like a cartoon character ? He IS rather cartoon character called Bill Cipher and if you actually bothered watching it you would see this is the best TV show that Disney has had in ages so if you don’t like it you don’t have to write this big stupid pointless post you can go back to watching the boring stuff like Phineas and Ferb, oh wait that’s Illuminati too because Phineas has head shaped like a triangle. Seriously, nothing in this is right ! It doesn’t even say I’m still here it says three letters back which is the cipher to the codes at the end of each episode for you to work out so get your facts right next time! Rant Over !

    • Please leave. A few weeks ago my son was watching TV and I suddenly heard him screaming ‘Why is the illuminati on TV?’ concerned, I quickly rushed into the room to find this ‘Bill Cipher’ character. My son began to scream and cry and so did I. I couldn’t believe the subliminal messages they were showing on Disney these days! I picked up a huge bag and threw the TV in there. I screamed and cried and picked up every triangular object in my house. One of our windows was triangle shaped so I broke it. NO MORE TRIANGLES AND IF MY ICON IS A TRIANGLE ON HERE I WILL CRY. NO. TRIANGLES. NO TRIANGLES ALLOWED.

      • I think you are over reacting to this. It’s just a TV show, for crying out loud! Throwing away a TV b/c your son didn’t like Bill Cipher? Breaking windows?

      • You and your son overreacted so much you should go to a mental hospital.
        Also, how old is your son? It sounds like he’s 5.

  68. So what’s the point of all this? You found some triangles and some eyeballs and a bunch of references to secret societies. What’s the conspiracy here? Who’s getting tricked and into what? What’s the endgame?

    • So what’s the point of all this? You found some triangles and some eyeballs and a bunch of references to secret societies. What’s the conspiracy here? Who’s getting tricked and into what? What’s the endgame?

  69. And why is everyone on here either 11-13 or a crazy parent??? It’s just a TV show guys. It’s for entertainment. If there is something you don’t like, write Disney a letter of your “concern”. I for one don’t care if there is some “scary” triangles or eyes in the show. It’s just a show. “Before I go, I just want to tell you, you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I.” ~Doctor Who

    • Also, I’m a Christian. I attend a Mormon Church service every week and praise our Lord Jesus Christ. I read from the Bible daily, right now I’m in the Book of Ruth. No I don’t have multiple wifes, and no I don’t worship Joseph Smith. God is the only one I pray to. I believe in Him. Through Him, I can fight off the evil in this world. Amen!

  70. Hi, I have a theory on what Disney Channel is doing in bring this stuff to kids via these shows. In brief, I am 21 and have been researching the Illuminati for around 6 years now. I was deceived for a couple of years and became fairly entrenched in the occult even to the point in believing in Luciferian doctrines and the practice of certain ceremonial magick. This 6 year journey brought me to the core of the Illuminati’s plans. I’m now a Christian seeking to inform and expose them.

    So here is my brief analysis of this TV show. This show is by design, to target kids and teens predominantly to incite intrigue in the study of the occult. I stumbled upon a internet site called the Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel, which is a fan site of Gravity Falls that “rewards” kids for deciphering the show’s content by studying the ancient mystery for the intention of getting rewarded by this order.

    Given that the kids successfully deciphers the content, they move up in “initiation” in this order. However, unbeknownst to the kid/teen, the more and more they decipher the content through this study, gradually certain beliefs are presented by the study of the mysteries and are being programmed into their subconscious that will eventually manifest. Given that this intrigue in the occult doesn’t die after the individual grows out of watching these cartoons, other stimuli such as shows like H2’s Ancient Aliens, America Unearthed, Hollywood music industry occult propaganda, and designed encoded movies ect will take Gravity Falls place (and all the other cartoons promoted today).

    This other indoctrination tools will further that individual to take on esoteric believes and eventually, given that all the programs are set in their mind, turn that individual against God and His Word, practicing the New Age, and ultimately taking on the religion of Gnostic Luciferianism. They will come to accept the ecumenical world teacher called Maitreya, whom will come and say he is the Christ and welcome them to the UN religion of Baha’i. He will teach all manner heresy, and blaspheme the name of YHVH. Which is unmistakably the religion of this Babylonian New World Order that was prophesied in Revelation. Be prepared, Jesus is coming soon.

    PS: Pre Trib Rapture is a lie that was never taught until 1830 by John Darby. Remember the Sun will not show its light and the moon will be turned to a blood red to signal His coming. That means, prepared for the tribulation. Resist the mark, and don’t be surprised Christians if your blood is added to Babylon’s chalice, for your reward in heaven is greater than the torture and death that we will most likely suffer for our faith here. Grace be with you all in our Lord Jesus Christ.

    • And i forgot, our world is in mind-controlled and i think one of it is illuminati. also i think that also the Fluoridation of water is also cause by some illuminati that is in power. Because i read something about the fluoridation in water, it can cause some problem in our Pineal Glald and the fluoride can block our Third-Eye(The Pineal Gland) from working.

  71. Okay…seriously? No one knew this at first, but the triangle guy is one of the show’s main villains/driving force. Gravity Falls is modeled a bit like Scooby-Doo: mystery and monsters and crime-solving, except this time the monsters are real and there are more conspiracies. It’s one of Disney’s edgier shows, I’ll admit that. And episodes in the second season are getting a tiny bit gorier [ie: blood coming out of taxidermy heads, axe-wielding ghost] but that’s how the creator of the show is intending it. Sure, the show’s weird and has conspiracies, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

  72. I used to not worry 1 bit about the show until a quick add on Disney XD shared some of the secrets and talked about the 3 letters back and now I’m scared cause 10 minutes after I saw that my eyes where still glued to the screen and now I want to find out all the secrets to the show and I know it will make me go crazy (p.s. Ima 12 year old)

  73. Most of these comments are seriously mindblowing by how stupid they are. You retarded, crazy-assed parents and your ignorant children are the reason people like me need medication.

  74. When did you conspiracy nuts get so silly? I remember when shit like this was serious business. Bow now articles like this make it seem like a joke!


  76. Wow I just happened to be watching the Disney channel tonight and I thought I was just hallucinating when that commercial for that gravity falls cartoon came on. I noticed a weird picture flash at the very end of the commercial. The picture looked like a triangle with an eyeball in the middle and a tophat. So I grabbed my remote and rewinded my TiVo then played it back in slow motion. I paused it at the perfect moment and there it was. Pyramid with an eyeball in the middle. Why are cartoons putting subliminal messages into our kids brains? This is a little bit unnerving for me as a parent. I am blocking this program from my cable service I Dont like it at all.

  77. I’d say they are mocking the conspiracy theory idiots. A jar of eyeballs on the table? The all seeing eye, everywhere. Every scene riddled with symbolism. You know, cartoons these days are horrible, they gotta have some kind of trappings to catch attention or no one would watch the shit. Also, the idea that Disney serves…. who?,. the Illuminati? Where did you get this information? If you say the internet, you should probably know that 98% of what you read on the internet about Freemasons is bullshit anyway, and as far as the illuminati goes, 2 questions, How do you suppose a group like this has remained in the shadows for hundreds of years and their members names unknown? How much would you know about them if it wasn’t for conspiracy theorists? I seriously doubt they are making their debut in a Disney cartoon.

  78. All this was intentional I’m tired my tooth hurts
    He’s at the end of the theme song because he is the Villian and he comes into play later on

  79. A few weeks ago, my 5 year old daughter woke up in the middle of the night, claiming she had nightmares about triangles. First I didn’t thought anything about it, as I wasn’t sure what she was on about. Just a couple of days ago, she became almost hysterical (overly scared), when watching gravity falls on the Disney channel. That’s how I ended up here, trying to find out, if there are more parents, with similar experiences…

  80. Is it just me but all three journals have 6 fingers on them. Say if you wrote the number of fingers on the journal it’s like 6 on journal no. one, 6 on j no. two, and 6 on j no. three. In all it spells out 6 6 6. Not strange at all (note the sarcasm)

  81. It. Is. A. Character. Called. Bill. Cipher. He. Was. Meant. To. Be. Inspired. By. The. Frickin. All seing eye that was meant to be that way thats the frickin point of the show you idiot get dunked on

  82. the thing is on the right of the circae there is a message that says either: tnffu fi vbix upo tj obut or that backwards.

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