An Illuminati Christmas

This is a big Thank You to everyone who follows my channel/blog.

I know I haven’t been keeping up with the blog, but hopefully this makes up for it! Merry Christmas, enjoy the depressing gift I’ve made for you all!


Disney’s Gratuitous use of the British Flag

This is a small blog post for a segment that will be in Disney Tricks Chapter II. Since I started watching Disney Channel (ugh), and following their ‘Starlets’, I’ve noticed that every show has episodes that have needless shots of the British Flag. WHY? I don’t get the reasoning behind it. It makes absolutely no sense to have it everywhere… unless, of course, the Illuminati have something to do with it. We all know the British Royal Family is one of the key families to be causing the World’s problems. So have the British infiltrated Disney, too? Most likely, given the fact that Disney has Luciferian/Illuminati symbolism in every one of their shows. I also have reason to believe that their Starlets are part of a British bloodline (with Eugenics involved). Check this out:

That’s Selena Gomez (right) and Demi Lovato (left). This is from one of their vlogs on Youtube (before they stopped being friends). In most of their vlogs, you can see the British flag up on their wall. I think this is Selena’s house, but I’m not too sure on that. So, why would they have a British flag on the wall? I’ll be going into detail about how Disney starlets are already pre-selected and are given their own show once they hit the age the handlers want them to be. This will be detailed in Disney Tricks Chapter 1 (which I will be working on soon).

This segment though, will be in Chapter II of Disney Tricks. Here’s a little taste of what you will see:

Disney Show: Shake it Up  / Episode: Kick it Up

Skull & Bones right beside the British flag… just, wow.  Here’s a list of the shows I have spotted having the British flag, on more than one occasion:

Wizards of Waverly Place

Good Luck Charlie

Shake it Up

Hannah Montana

I’ve also been seeing this on Nickelodeon, on their popular shows iCarly & Victorious. In Chapter 2 of Disney Tricks I’ll also go into how Nickelodeon and Disney are closely tied. Which would explain a lot of things… Stay tuned!

Future Projects: Preview #1

Since it’s been so long since my last video/blog, I’m going to start posting a couple previews to all the projects I’m working on. I won’t post too much, since it would make watching the videos pointless. Let’s get started..

Disney Tricks

Chapter 2: Disney Symbolism

Wizards of Waverly Place: Monarch Girls

Both the shirt & the necklace resemble a Monarch Butterfly

The face paint is obviously a Monarch Butterfly

Interestingly enough, both these episodes come one after the other. Coincidence? YA OK! You should know by now what the Monarch Butterfly is symbolic for. If you don’t, Google: “Monarch mind-control”

Shake it Up

Zendaya (on right) as Baphomet

This Zendaya girl is always getting into some kind of weird Illuminati things in the show. Kind of like Selena Gomez. She must have an awesome handler!

derpface. This is from their Music Video “Watch Me”


Video Game Symbolism

Super Mario Galaxy

This is the literal Goddess of the game. As you can see, only her left eye is exposed. “I’ve been watching you” is her first line of dialogue.



iParty with Victorious with my Illuminati Eyeball

This episode… had so much weird stuff. Can’t wait to compile it all together in Part 3.

iCarly Symbolism II (Preview)

When I posted the first part, a lot of people were confused, asking me how “The Goat” (BAPHOMET) had any influence in that episode. Let me clear some things up… There’s a lot of Luciferian Symbolism in iCarly, this blog preview will validate it. But in Part 1, the episode is about Carly’s room being burnt down. Bathed in fire! Carly gets really upset when someone asks what The Goat did. Why would she get upset? Wouldn’t it be a funny story? Unless something disgusting happened, so it would be embarrassing… but what can a REAL goat do, to make someone so upset, over a damn question? You don’t find out what The Goat did either, so it’s really up to the viewer’s imagination. What do you think The Goat did? You think on that while I show you how they incorporate Satanism in this show.

Here we have the Pentagrams,

and a Trident pointing right at them

What’s interesting about those Pentagrams is they actually IRON ON these Pentagrams. In some episodes, the Pentagrams are normal stars, without being turned. It seems like if the episode has a strange plot, the Pentagrams appear. You can tell these are ironed on from this picture: you see how there’s white on the right side? That’s more of the shirt’s writing, but they covered up the word with the Pentagrams. 3 Pentagrams!

You only get to see these Pentagrams for a short time. Freddie (the lil boy) wears the shirt only at the beginning. The front of the shirt is only shown at the beginning, and then the rest of the scene Freddie blocks the camera’s view of the Pentagrams. Kewl.


The Episode’s plot, and some other interesting tidbits will be covered in Part 2. If you’ve never seen Part 1 (because Youtube took it down),

here it is: