B.o.B’s new video alludes to something more…

So, B.o.B’s new video recently came out, unsubtly titled “Out of My Mind”.

B.o.B ft Nicki Minaj – Out of My Mind

The premise is simple. B.o.B is in a mental hospital, because he feels like he’s going crazy, and Nicki Minaj is a Doctor who… wants to rape him. Now, VC says that this is all about mind control, the reason he thinks that is I guess because he’s in a mental hospital, and some of the writing behind him suggests it, but that really doesn’t make much sense. To truly understand this video, we should take a look at another one of B.o.B’s videos made long before this one…

B.o.B – The Watchers

This video also went over VC’s head. That, or he doesn’t want to admit that some people in the industry may be trying to warn us.

The Watchers is obviously about– Aliens. Yeah, yeah, ancient aliens muh tin foil etc– Let’s ignore the ridicule and think on this for a moment. The lyrics and the video tell us everything we need to know.

As the video begins, we see a bunch of Crop Circles.

Then the lyrics start up with an eery message…

Yes, I feel the end, The End is close

and then the rest of the lyrics after that are very interesting: (Analysis is in parathesis)

 The same thing happened eon’s ago (Atlantis is shown)
 To know exactly you have to read up some more
 Everyday technology speeds up some more
 As is above, so is below (Baphomet/Duality Reference)
 Some feel the heat, yet some feel the cold
 We are the souls, yes we have been chose
 Some roll with angels and demons and ghosts (I'm not sure what this could mean. Perhaps he's talking about Satanism?)
 But shh, hold up Bob, Don’t go there
 You know that they watching, 
 they all see and stare but ("THEY" They're always watching, and listening. But who are they?)
 They can’t stop me, I’m already there
 And y’all ain't seen shit but you're already scared (Look at what is shown as he says this)

When Bob says that last lyric, an image is shown

You can’t get any more blunt than that. He’s basically saying “The Illuminati ain’t shit compared to what you don’t know”. A very telling part of the song. Let’s continue..

I’m gone, high like fructose, fructose
You wanna know the truth? 
Really, you don't, you don't! 
It’ll blow ya out ya mind like a UFO, UFO (Yeah, it's obvious now.)
I’m basically a resident of Pluto, Pluto

Another revealing part of the song. So, the truth is so terrifying, we really don’t want to know.

You know, but you’ll probably be the same one hating
Saying every rapper is in the Freemasons
While the cops giving out free mace to your face, 
now how do that taste? (While focusing on the Illuminati being in the industry, making false accusations mostly, our country is turning more and more into a police state.)
I’m outta my mind
These videos tellin’ y'all lies, bruh
Tellin you we holding evil hand signs bruh
Last time I checked I’m from the eastside bruh
So do your research and make ya own mind up (Think independently)
’cause us musicians have influence on the mic
But they don’t like that so they conquer and divide

If you follow my work, you should know by now that I believe some artists are merely warning us about the threat, instead of doing the Illuminati’s bidding… which is apparently making millions of people aware of them. Makes no sense. But that’s a different subject. Moving on to ‘Out of my Mind’..

There’s not much to analyze in the lyrics. There are a few parts that make the connection though.

See, man I'm so out there, I slap fives with E.T (heh)
I am a rebel but yes I'm so militant
@the end: shh.. they might be listening (There's that "they" again!)
Well, you gon' really need a wish right now
When my goons come through and start shooting stars (What do you think she means by 'stars'?)
I graduated summa cum laude
That's why they thinking I'm Illuminati (Summa Cum Laude is latin for "with very great praise". So, when she says this, she basically means "Since I'm so popular people are thinking I'm with the Illuminati".)

What’s more telling than the lyrics is the writing/images behind B.o.B & Nicki.

Behind B.o.B is a UFO with an All Seeing Eye

What all do we see here… The UFO, an Anarchy symbol, “They are us” – “They See”

Behind them the whole time was the All Seeing Eye in all it’s glory.


I’m in the process of making a tumblr: http://illuminatisymbology.tumblr.com/
The tumblr will be a place I can just upload small bits of info without having to make a big blog post about it. It’ll be random stuff, mostly. I’ll make a blog post about it when I’m comfortable with the way it looks and it has enough content to make pplz happy. Thanks for reading!


::: UPDATE :::

KPop artist Hyuna has also joined in on the “warnings”

Read more about it on my tumblr until I research more into this subject — http://illuminatisymbology.tumblr.com/post/34430144673/hyunas-warning



For the record: 30 minutes after Vigilant (or someone else entirely?) e-mailed me to take down “the screenshot” (go to this blog post here: https://illuminatisymbolism.wordpress.com/2011/02/19/concerning-vigilant-citizen-pt-2-update-with-e-mails/), I got banned. Now, I wasn’t breaking any rules, I was only trying to get people to look beyond the symbolism. People were actually starting to. This is why I was banned. What, was I banned because I said Vigilant won’t look beyond the symbolism (BECAUSE HE WON’T)? Nah, that wasn’t rule-breaking. I didn’t swear, insult, or anything, merely taught people to think for themselves, with the help of a lovely lady.


Alright so the simple ban wasn’t enough? I’d like for them to show me what I did for “MULTIPLE RULE VIOLATIONS!!” Go to the board, you will literally only find ONE thread where I acted like a troll. This was only because I didn’t like the poster, and he talked back to me, and I hate it when people with “high post counts” think they’re better than people with low ones. He’s that type of person, which is why I talked back to him.

The thread is: “MESSAGE TO VC..” on General Discussion. Not only did HE want to argue with me, but I didn’t even really insult him.

The point of the IP-Ban was to keep me from coming back on a different user-name (which I wasn’t going to do anyway). Don’t these e-tyrants know you can use proxies to get in?

Concerning Vigilant Citizen Pt.2 [UPDATE – WITH E-MAILS]

Soon after I made that blog post, I tried posting some more on Vigilant’s site, just to make sure… can you guess the outcome?!

This is a direct, NOT fabricated screen shot of the e-mails we exchanged shortly after I made those comments. As you can tell from the image, Vigilant never replies back because HE WILL NOT ADMIT to removing my comments, that DID NOT break any of the rules. He clearly does not want people thinking for themselves, and he doesn’t want people there that have new ideas that conflict with HIS OWN ideas. If you ever see my comments there, those are probably the ones he missed!


Vigilant threatened me with a lawsuit unless I removed the image.

If I wasn’t worried about his ‘connections’ I wouldn’t care. But… yeah. Take that as you will. 😉

Concerning Vigilant Citizen

Lately, before the release of my newest video on the Rocafella accusations, I’ve been testing out the theory by just spreading it through-out major symbolism websites.

When I first started The Entertainer’s Message (a series that was never finished because I wasn’t proud of the results) I did this same thing. Back then, though, things were different. I received a massive amount of ridicule just because I didn’t believe Rocafella members to be Satanists. I spread my videos on VC, and The Industry Exposed. VC wasn’t as harsh, but IDE’s webmasters took the time to make his followers come to my Youtube channel and insult me. There was never any real debate on the subject I brought up, it was mainly to assassinate my character. I brushed this off, as I do with all my other arguments with the nitwits of the internet.

Moving on to the test, which was posting comments at Vigilant Citizen. I stayed the same way, kept a clean mature attitude when addressing this issue. I was getting insults again of course, but after the third or so day of doing this, I started noticing that my comments were vanishing. I thought maybe it was a glitch, maybe my comments weren’t going through. I kept on, and on, and on… There was never any indication why my comments were being deleted. I wasn’t spamming, and I wasn’t advertising anything. I was merely bringing up a new idea on a site that promotes “the old idea”. I figured it out though, after the I guess.. tenth comment deletion. This site, Vigilant Citizen, is ranking in on that paper. If VC were to just abandon the “Rihanna is a Satanic Mind Controlled Illuminati Demon Slave” theory, his site may not be as popular. VC has practically indoctrinated people with this theory, and if VC were to tell the real truth, would people still look at his site? Probably..So I’m not getting the full scope of things.

So, in conclusion, why is VC deleting my comments every time I post this NEW theory? Does he have some agenda to push? Is he intentionally spreading disinformation and doesn’t want people to know the real truth? meh, I’m not entirely sure, but I still find it odd that he has moderators on my ass every time I post there. 5-10 minutes, my comment goes down the memory hole.