KPop: EZ Symbolism // #3

This time it’s a video! I figured since it takes several hours to research and compile all the pictures, I should invest that time into making a video. I’m able to convey things better through a video, anyway. There’s a couple videos I’ve already covered in this one, but most of it is videos I haven’t.

[ + ] Update: I’ve gotten a few messages regarding the length of the video. This was intentional to keep the video from going ‘viral’ too fast. The more viral it becomes, the more of a chance it gets removed. For example, as soon as it was uploaded I got a copyright notice. I’m trying to see how well I can ‘game’ the system by doing stuff like this. Disney Tricks will be loaded with content, so I’m taking precautions before I begin finishing this project. I don’t want my channel to be deleted and have to start over, again. It took me a year to get a rather small following (compared to my first channel).

To deal with this complaint though, I will soon add annotations in the video that directly link to the artist in the video, so people can guide through the band I covered. Although, next blog post on this, I will make a video, but also have the regular picture analysis for those who don’t want to watch it. I recommend watching the video though, it really doesn’t seem like 9 minutes.

[ + ] Update // 2: Annotations are at the top left of the video. Hover over each square box to get the group’s band name to the right, and click [the square box]. It will go straight to the beginning of that group’s segment. All my videos will include this, especially Chapter 2 of Disney Tricks. 🙂


An Illuminati Christmas

This is a big Thank You to everyone who follows my channel/blog.

I know I haven’t been keeping up with the blog, but hopefully this makes up for it! Merry Christmas, enjoy the depressing gift I’ve made for you all!