Illuminati on Basic Cable [1]

– note –
About the quality & length:
This is the result of seeing things without being able to find them online. I’m having to film them from the TV itself, which is fine and all, especially when it has as much impact as this one. These little snippets will be uploaded the more I see them.


Disney Tricks : Chapter 2 | Part 1 ——– [Gravity Falls Video Analysis]

I know there wasn’t much covered, but this is the problem.. I can’t find anything online to edit from. All the episodes, shows and clips I researched from was on TV or Netflix. The episodes you see on this video are literally the only things I could find from my notebook, and that notebook is full (nearly every page) of research. This is a big problem, but I will find a solution. I have a pretty good Camcorder now, all I’ll need is a good microphone and I’ll be able to rent/buy/record/TiVO the shows. I may be targeted for more copyright laws doing this, but whatever, I’m still going to do it. Just bear with me and I’ll be able to make this series much easier and faster!

Also, Part 4 of Chapter 1 is nearly finished as well. Just need to revise a few things and it’ll be uploaded.

Mankind’s Destiny at the Crossroads

You don’t need to be a scholar to understand that there’s something not right with the world, and that it’s been going for some time now, only to become worse in the future.

More than half of the world is basically uninhabitable. Some worry about not having any food, and some worry that they’ll wake up to a shower of bombs. Some even worry about crippling sanctions, the kind that some GOP candidates brag about to look “tough,” the same kind that some democrats assuage as loving and peaceful. For this half of the world, life itself is fleeting.

The other half of the world, the “civilized” West, are starved in another way. Spiritually. We are the cogs in the machine. We wake up, we go to work, we come home and watch TV, and then we have the nerve to wonder why our lives are not fulfilled. We no longer seek what’s over the horizon, because as a people, we feel like we know what’s over the horizon: not much.

What is the cause of all this? The source of this misery?

Well, that’s for another day!

In the meantime, I want to offer something different. Unlike other troofer blogs, I’m not only concerned with America, even if I’m American myself. Like I always say to my teddy bears, in the new world order, wherever you go, there you are. The *whole world* is under assault. These psychopaths literally know no boundaries; there is no end to their depravity and lust for power.

I know that something has got to give. The future will look very different from today, no matter what happens. If the enemy claims total control, there will be nothing but a hellish death, a nightmare upon earth. On the other end, if we cure ourselves of this parasite that has sucked from the essence of the world for a hundred years, if we do that then there will be another renaissance, and this time it will be all around the world. We’ve already taken steps in both possible futures.

The question is, what will we choose? Liberty or tyranny?