Disney’s BLATANT Racism

If you’re curious, the whole episode is about white superiority, which is the reason why he does that. I’ll get into it in Disney Tricks with the symbolic nature of the episode, I just wanted to make this short & sweet.
Show: Pair of Kings // Episode title: “Dancing with the Scars”
Read that title again.


Disney Tricks : Chapter 2 | Part 1 ——– [Gravity Falls Video Analysis]


I know there wasn’t much covered, but this is the problem.. I can’t find anything online to edit from. All the episodes, shows and clips I researched from was on TV or Netflix. The episodes you see on this video are literally the only things I could find from my notebook, and that notebook is full (nearly every page) of research. This is a big problem, but I will find a solution. I have a pretty good Camcorder now, all I’ll need is a good microphone and I’ll be able to rent/buy/record/TiVO the shows. I may be targeted for more copyright laws doing this, but whatever, I’m still going to do it. Just bear with me and I’ll be able to make this series much easier and faster!

Also, Part 4 of Chapter 1 is nearly finished as well. Just need to revise a few things and it’ll be uploaded.

KPop: EZ Symbolism // #3


This time it’s a video! I figured since it takes several hours to research and compile all the pictures, I should invest that time into making a video. I’m able to convey things better through a video, anyway. There’s a couple videos I’ve already covered in this one, but most of it is videos I haven’t.

[ + ] Update: I’ve gotten a few messages regarding the length of the video. This was intentional to keep the video from going ‘viral’ too fast. The more viral it becomes, the more of a chance it gets removed. For example, as soon as it was uploaded I got a copyright notice. I’m trying to see how well I can ‘game’ the system by doing stuff like this. Disney Tricks will be loaded with content, so I’m taking precautions before I begin finishing this project. I don’t want my channel to be deleted and have to start over, again. It took me a year to get a rather small following (compared to my first channel).

To deal with this complaint though, I will soon add annotations in the video that directly link to the artist in the video, so people can guide through the band I covered. Although, next blog post on this, I will make a video, but also have the regular picture analysis for those who don’t want to watch it. I recommend watching the video though, it really doesn’t seem like 9 minutes.

[ + ] Update // 2: Annotations are at the top left of the video. Hover over each square box to get the group’s band name to the right, and click [the square box]. It will go straight to the beginning of that group’s segment. All my videos will include this, especially Chapter 2 of Disney Tricks. 🙂

Disney’s Treasure Buddies: An Abusive use of Illuminati Symbolism

Welp, Disney is at it again. Only this time, they’re a bit careless. Take a look at this trailer for their newest “DCOM” (lol)

Did you notice anything… odd? Like, say, all the eyes? Let me point a few things out.

First of all, have you ever noticed how whenever “Egypt/Pyramids” is shown in movies, they always use the most cliché hieroglyphs? Well, whenever you look at real hieroglyphs, you’ll see that Horus’ story is not all over the place like it’s portrayed as. …of course, we all know it’s in there because of the Illuminati’s obsession with Egyptian lore. Read the story of Osiris, Isis & Horus and you’ll see exactly why they love it so much.

For those who don’t feel like guiding through the video itself, let me show you the things from it:

The very first thing shown, in only a couple frames

There are eyes everywhere in this movie

Do you ever remember seeing Cleopatra wearing an Eye Necklace?

Disney is still subtle when it comes to non-Horus eyes

Want to see just how obsessed the Illuminati is with Horus? Just look at historical emblems!

This is Horus raising the Sun…

This is the Parteiadler, a Nazi Emblem

This is the American Great Seal

You really can’t tell much of a difference, can you?

Treasure Buddies will be fully analyzed early on in Chapter 2 of Disney Tricks.                                            This is what I have been working on the past month…

(click to enlarge)

It should be finished very soon! [+] Update: For anyone wanting to watch the video seen in the picture, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EURrFobUpI

An Illuminati Christmas

This is a big Thank You to everyone who follows my channel/blog.

I know I haven’t been keeping up with the blog, but hopefully this makes up for it! Merry Christmas, enjoy the depressing gift I’ve made for you all!

EZ Symbolism: Family Guy [New Series]

I thought, instead of focusing only on big projects like Disney Tricks, why don’t I just make short videos of all the material I’ve come across? Yeah, so, that’s where this comes in. I have quite a bit of stuff I want to use for this series, which explains the lack of updates to this blog. I’d rather make videos out of it than put it here. These videos won’t take months to make, either.

Thanks for watching!


Disney Tricks: Chapter 2 [Preview]

After Part 4 is uploaded, I will start uploading parts to Chapter II, which will be strictly about Illuminati Symbolism. There will be some other stuff in it, but it’s all related to the Illuminati’s influence on Disney.

In these previews, I’ll be sharing with you some of the symbolism that will be shown. This preview is about the Phineas & Ferb: Across the Second Dimension movie. The movie goes like this: Phineas & Ferb build something that takes them to an alternate dimension, and in this dimension The Evil Guy (Doofenshmirtz) rules over the Tri-State area. In the show, he’s always trying to do this, but in this alternate universe, he’s finally done it.

I don’t want to show too much, but here are a few things I’ve seen.

Both of their Left Eyes are emphasized

The whole city is decked out like the Illuminati would love the world to be



Conveniently, Baphomet lies in his “As above, So below” position

It should also be noted that Phineas’ head looks… awfully familiar…

lol, clever

There’s quite a bit more in that movie, but it’s more fun to see in video form! I’ll be showing some more previews in the near future.